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For facing Preliminary Examination Paper II effectively, you need to be well conversant with techniques to attempt questions from ‘Comprehension’ section. It is a very significant area and a lot of questions were asked in Prelims 2011 and 2012 from this section.

In simple words Comprehension can be defined as the ability to identify and understand clearly about the idea, information and associated facts from the given piece of text (passage).

This is new addition in the new pattern introduced from Prelims 2011. Comprehension is a very important level of thinking, next to knowledge. All that has been learnt (Knowledge) is prerequisite for the level of thinking known as comprehension.

Comprehension includes explanations, descriptions, and summaries. Excellent vocabulary is what puts you in comfortable position and helps you in clear understanding of the given text. You should have the capacity to interrelate the ideas woven in the different paragraphs of the text (Passage).

The effective reading skills come into play here as the given text is some unseen passage and only a voracious reader can figure out idea, information and associated facts which helps the candidate in having a handle on the question that are asked in the aptitude test.

What to do:
It is no rocket science; all you need is to train yourself to encounter any such exercise with help of common sense and logical thinking.
The best strategy is to underline the key words/phrases you encounter while reading. This is a timed test and you may not have sufficient time to revisit this section again if you run short of time.

This is sure-shot marking section as all the information is embedded in the given text itself. Good practice will ensure you are able to develop ‘Eagle’s Eye-view’ which can help you score better in the examination.

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