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Preparing Current events of national and international importance

For facing Preliminary Examination Paper I, you need to be well aware and well informed and being updated is going to help you in attempting a large number of questions. It involves both clarity about the basics as well as abreast with the current affairs and contemporary developments.

Being pragmatic in approach, the composition of the General Studies Paper has demonstrated an overflowing trend in favour of questions related to current affairs.

Now, being well-informed is going to be worthy as hardly you will find any direct question asking facts or figures. You should feel lucky if you get these in the coming Preliminary or Main Examination.

When you are preparing for such a vast examination like Civil Services Examination, you clearly need more content that too relevant and updated to deal with the evolving changes being introduced each year both at Preliminary as well as at Main Examination. Even for interview stage, you will feel comfortable in facing interview board if you are well informed.

What to do?

The face of Civil Services Examination is changing rapidly. You need to chance the preparation strategy as the examination and even the candidates look at it in a different way.

In past also the integrated approach delivered dividends. It is going to be more effective in new environment where the total examination process is condensing.

Coverage of current affairs and contemporary developments is the common constituents in Preliminary and Main Examination and prepare with Mains focus. So, any preparation aimed at Main Examination would automatically cover the Preliminary Examination requirements and will help you perform better.

The drift from traditional to a realistic touch, it is only about the national and international events/affairs/happenings of significance which assess your information level, observation capabilities and competence to understand/correlate the facts.

Habit of newspaper reading is quite useful; but, as you move along and as examination nears, candidates don’t get much time to devote on this activity; still, you cannot ignore the worth of being updated.

The editorial of newspaper like ‘The Hindu’ and 'Indian Express' can be made an integral part of your study-plan. You can always reach out to these editorials on net whenever you get time.

The competition magazines, Year-Books and internet resource are bound to bring in enhanced impact.

Last Update Saturday 11th January 2014     

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