I appeared in CSE not only to become an IAS, I have a mission, says Nidhi Choudhari (AIR 145, CSE 2011)

Hailing from Nagaur, Rajasthan, Nidhi had a childhood dream of becoming IAS officer so that she could contribute a little for betterment of life of girl-child and women in our conservative society particularly in villages.


Nidhi Choudhari, 28 year old and a mother of 2-years old son achieved this brilliant success in her second attempt. She had tasted the sweetness of success in her first attempt as she secured 678th rank in CSE 2010 and got the post of IAAS.

With a goal to contribute whole-hearted efforts and continue struggle in eradicating social evils prevailing in society particularly in villages like Child Marriage, dowry, ghoonghat, Female foeticide, illiteracy, unemployment etc. Nidhi Choudhari chose a career in ‘Civil Services’ and achieved post of her dream – Indian Administrative Service.

She got married and was working in Reserve Bank of India in New Delhi after getting selected in 2006. In 2009 her sister’s success in Civil Service Examination was a turning point. Vidhi Choudhari (AIR 285, CSE 2008) who got selected as IPS inspired Nidhi to make an attempt to accomplish this feat.

Commenting on source of inspiration, Nidhi said that my sister Vidhi is the first woman IPS from our district and achieved this success without any coaching. Her success made my belief firm that toppers come from among the ordinary youth of India only. It is their faith in their dreams that bear the fruits of success.

As she admits, “My sister’s selection in IPS further gave me a boost and support from family made the dream a reality.” Maintaining a balance between my job, family and preparation was a difficult task but, with motivation from family, particularly from my husband, I started preparing for Civil Service Examination while working and taking care of my son and other family commitments.

She adds, “I always had a missionary zeal for social service and girl-child and women-empowerment in particular and was doing my bit for the cause in every possible manner while working in RBI. However, there were moments when I felt that civil service offers a much greater platform to work for masses. A civil servant is not only implementing the welfare policies of the government but is also integral to the formulation of policies.”

To motivate future aspirants, Nidhi says, “There is no short-cut to success; each one of us has 24 hours and a successful person has nothing more. So, manage your time well and put each moment to work for attaining the goal.”

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