“Life was tough but, with dedication and hard work, I achieved what looked fantasy” says, Praveen Kumar Laxkar (IAS)

Praveen Kumar Laxkar (AIR 116, CSE 2011), a Hindi medium candidate says, “I had faith in my capabilities and I knew that my knowledge base would never ditch me in Main Examination and the biggest hurdle is Preliminary Examination.” New-look Prelims made his road to success and self-belief helped him achieve success and get the coveted post of IAS.

You may not have come across many stories of common candidates coming from average background who made it to Civil Service Examination 2011 despite severe difficulties and setbacks as success of candidates with higher studies/professional studies got more prominence and coverage in this year’s result.

But, you just need to look further and will find that there are many candidates who despite all complexities, have accomplished the goal and many of them got higher ranks to achieve the dream post – IAS.

This is story of Praveen Kumar Laxkar (AIR 116, CSE 2011); a simple school teacher who had settle in life after struggle and had compromised with life thinking that what he got was his destiny. 

“My father died when I was in 10th standard. My brother got job and I went back to village. With limited resources and family obligations, life was tough” said Praveen.Praveen Kumar Laxkar with his mother

Still, I continued my studies and did graduation and went on to do Post-Graduation through correspondence. In 2005 got selected in SSC examination and got teaching job which I continue to hold till now.

I took two attempts but could not clear Preliminary Examination as I was not able to prepare well.

As the life was moving at slow pace, I got married and have a kid. In 2010, when I saw the new-look Preliminary Examination with aptitude test getting included in place of optional subject, I sensed opportunity.

Being a Hindi medium candidate, I had a lot of apprehension in the beginning as a lot of people talked about new system favouring English medium candidates but, in my opinion this much of English knowledge is not a problem.

I had faith in my capabilities and knew that my knowledge base would never ditch me in Main Examination and the biggest hurdle is Preliminary Examination. By looking at Prelims syllabus, I had conviction that it is not a big deal. A made a strategy of my own, which had no place for coaching as I could not afford such high pee charged by coaching institutes. Even, I did not think about joining any coaching institute rather, I will say, I never felt the need for assistance.
I did not had the luxury of having costly study material so, I based by preparation on limited number of standard text-books which were part of my academic studies.

I was crystal clear about my optional subjects History and Literature of Hindi Language as these were my own subjects and was confident about these.

General Studies certainly required more attention but, I was clear that UPSC is asking something offbeat; so, when I was reading newspaper, I use to read between the lines and use to note down minute details which sometimes we tend to ignore while preparing for Civil Service Examination.

After Main Examination result, I felt elated as I got the credit for my hard work and at that point, accomplishment seemed within reach and I never thought negative about my chances of success.

My Interview was a bit tricky, particularly the start; later, I picked up the thread and performed well.

I am only the second person from my village to achieve success and make career in Civil Service. I feel my success will encourage the young generation to work hard and achieve what you desire!

Last Update Wednesday 26th December 2012     

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