IAS Preparation: Harness the strength of Internet for your benefit

In past few years, a lot of IAS toppers talked about the benefit from internet while preparing for Civil Service Examination; success of Shah Faesal (AIR 1, CSE 2009) in first attempt and his candid acceptance with reference to role of internet in preparation generated a great interest among IAS aspirants.


Being tech-savvy, internet has become the part of life and today, we all are living in a different world surrounded by digital world and social media has marched into our privacy. A lot of queries relating to ‘how to use internet for CSE Preparation’ have been pouring in and CSE candidates look at it as change worth considering.

When you are preparing for such a vast examination like CSE, you clearly need more content that too relevant and updated to deal with the evolving changes being introduced each year both at Preliminary as well as at Main Examination. Even for interview stage, internet can prove to be handy in collecting information and learning art of facing interview boards.

For each subject/constituent listed in syllabus, most of the candidates are exposed to almost similar books and study material as there is a lot of awareness around and even book-sellers recommend the relevant books to the candidates. Moreover, a lot of coaching institutes offer courses and their class-notes/notes are freely available in the market.

While the content may be similar but, the outcome for candidates can be totally different. There could be a lot of factors for diverse result but, with effective use of internet, there are a lot of insights that can be gained for CSE aspirants which can prove to be beneficial.

How to use internet
For the beginners, internet is the best medium for getting acquainted with exam-plan, its related requirements and collecting information.

Social media gets you directly in touch with the fellow aspirants and even toppers/selected candidates with whom you can discuss, clear doubts and get to know the intricacies involved.

When you preparation gets momentum, you can use internet for references and to keep you updated. CSE preparation is such where you encounter newer things each day and coverage of current affairs and contemporary developments can be easily managed with internet using online edition of various newspapers and magazines.

In the beginning, it may not of easy to use e-papers but with little effort, you can easily figure out the relevant sections and news-items important from exam point of view. Newspaper reading can be more effective if you make self notes and keep on updating these regularly.

Internet can be helpful in evaluating your preparedness and you can take the advantage of on-line testing particularly for Preliminary Examination to build up speed and accuracy.

And of course, for notification and results, internet conveys you the news instantly.

Care for what you read
While looking for some references, random search produces thousands of articles to choose from and that could confuse you. Always make use of the trusted websites only and be sure of the authenticity of the information before blindly putting it to use.

Don’t depend on each thing on internet from NCERT Books to notes, digital books to readymade content for any particular topic. Reading e-papers and e-magazines need a lot of patience and remember, internet has some cost so, judge the cost factor and your comfort in using on-line text.

Be able to extract the content that matters
An effective use of internet can show dramatic effect in your preparation that would reflect in your results.
Make the best use of time spent on internet and add value to your preparation.

Some important web-sites for reference

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