What is so special that makes one top the Civil Services Examination?

Look at the toppers and those who make it to career of their choice; they are common person as you and your fellow friends are.

No extraordinary qualities; but, hard working, focused and committed candidates finally achieve what takes them to class of their own.

Brilliant show by Rukmani Riar (AIR 2, CSE 2011), Prince Dhawan (AIR 3, CSE 2011), Amrutesh Aurangabadkar (AIR 10, CSE 2011), Neeraj Kumar Singh (AIR 11, CSE 2011), Nitika pawar (AIR 18, CSE 2011), Neha Prakash (AIR 22, CSE 2011) and many others who cracked this riddle in first attempt speaks about their focus and capabilities.

Look at this year’s top most result; Shena Agarwal (Rank 1, CSE-2011) cracked this examination with first rank in second attempt. Last year, in CSE 2010, she tasted success in her first attempt but could not accomplish the goal of becoming IAS and she had to settle for Indian Revenue Service (IT).

Majority of candidates fail to achieve success at some stage and there are some who achieve success; but, at lower ranks, not good enough to get them post of their choice IAS.

But, talented and capable candidates learn from the mistakes, look at these glitches as learning experiences and opportunity to understand the weak areas and lacunas that remained in preparation which eluded the top ranks and the most sought after career choice – IAS.

Lady Luck plays a vital role in your success:
A glance at the profile of previous years’ toppers reveals that the candidates who topped this exam come from diverse educational background, different subject combinations and dissimilar family backgrounds. Even, some topped the merit-list in the 4th attempt and there are instances who achieved top-slot in very first attempt.

Stories of Mangesh Kumar (AIR 4, CSE 2011), Harshika Singh (AIR 8, CSE 2011), D Krishna Bhaskar (AIR 9, CSE 2011), Sanyam Aggarwal (AIR 12, CSE 2011), Namit Mehta (AIR 13, CSE 2011), Ravish Gupta (AIR 16, CSE 2011) and many others is similar to that of Shena Agarwal who achieved success in earlier attempts but craze of IAS post kept them motivated and ultimately in this attempt they were able to convert their dreams into reality.

In the merit-list, you will find many who couldn’t even clear Prelims in their last attempt/s; in this attempt they have found their name among top ranks. By analysing their performance, you will find that in last attempt/s they were not well prepared but this time didn’t leave anything which can stop her from being successful.

One need luck, blessings and god’s grace to find a place in top 25 or say top 100 as there is a lot of subjectivity involved in the examination process.

Last Update Thursday 4th October 2012     

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