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December 22, 2009

Civil Services Examination, in itself, is a way of life. At every stage of the examination, it examines various aspects of life from diverse angles.

With only a glance at the syllabus, you realize the variety it incorporates. You have to study so many subjects, countless issues simultaneously and based on that you are supposed to present the correct as well as balanced answer.

In itself, it is something what ‘Mahatma Buddha’ had thought us to search and then to move on ‘Middle Path’ or 'Maddhyam Marg'. I feel that a bureaucrat (who is considered to be the back bone of our system) should poses these values and also should look out for strong and constant search for this 'Maddhyam Marg' so that keeping in mind all facet, one can take quick and balanced decisions. Probably this is governance and this is the very purpose of staging Mains Examination for recruiting ‘Civil Servants’.

This examination analyse the different traits of personality effectively. The most important of all is courage. In such a large country, among lakhs of aspirants, to emerge at top-most level in country's prestigious and most sought after examination, it points towards the level of courage any new aspirant possess. It rightly assesses the candidate's patience as well.

There is a major difference between an excellent performance in smaller tests and preparing for this giant examination. Many candidates who perform very well at smaller level tests (lesser syllabus and limited assessment) sometimes are not able to cross Preliminary Examination level.

Hard work, eloquence, decision-making, strong will-power are some of the traits which are under scanner here.

As a result, the candidate gets clear about the original personality he/she possess and after some time, reaches that stage where he/she can make self-assessment. (May be there can be few cases where this examination process could not assess correctly, but that ratio would be negligible)

I am sharing my experience with you that from start to finish, this is exciting journey full of events, specially, if you belong to remote background. If you take this examination as a sport where you play for sake of playing (win or defeat does not matter much), then this experience become enjoyable, pleasant and memorable.

If you visualize it with the angle of success or failure, sometimes it can become really painful.

To effectively deal with the multiplicity Civil Services Examination hold, it is of prime importance and useful to form right focus, approach and mental make-up.

Wishing all best of luck!


Dr. P. S. Rajpurohit, IFS
Second Secretary (Political & Information)
Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi


Last Update Wednesday 20th January 2010     

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