Proposed changes at Main Examination level: Is UPSC contemplating with idea of removal of optional subjects?

After a lull for few weeks, this topic has again come on fore as one national Hindi newspaper has reported that UPSC is going to remove the optional subjects from Civil Service Examination.

What I was anticipating it to occur two-three months later; but in mid-August, the news relating to removal of optional subjects has once again sparked a fresh tremor among Civil Service Examination aspirants.

UPSC is keeping an eye on changing dynamics and are adapting itself to meet evolving requirements. As reported, UPSC has constituted a high-power committee to look into potential and would come out with its suggestions which will be sent to UPSC/Government for getting seal of approval.

I don’t have any information when the experts committee is going to submit its report to UPSC but linking these proposed changes to diminish the role of coaching institutes is not the right approach; UPSC has a bigger agenda at hand and the proposed changes are aimed at bring reforms in recruitment process for higher posts by which talented and high calibre candidates are attracted towards Civil Services.

The recent result of CSE 2011 has triggered a fresh debate about the professions entry in to the Civil Services and waste of resources. Yes, the result clearly indicates an improved performance from Engineers, Doctors and other professionally qualified candidates but, that does not surprise me; a glance at past trends would confirm that result of Engineers, Doctors and other professionally qualified candidates has always been better than humanities background candidates.

Linking science/engineering subjects available in given list of optional subject with performance of Engineers, Doctors and other professionally qualified candidates is again incorrect as we all know that majority of these candidates make cross-domain shift and by opting for humanities/literature of language subject, they produce wonderful results.

Each one of us has liberty to express ideas but, the question is that are the changes introduced at Preliminary Examination level can shape the origin for changes at Main Examination level. It is not that easy and I am sure this is the reason why UPSC is taking so much of time to come up with new pattern for Main Examination.

So, will UPSC remove the optional subjects from Main Examination?
Yes, there is a possibility; UPSC can consider doing so. But, what kind of changes are to come and when these would be implemented; no one has answer to these queries.

As is expected, UPSC will give enough time to candidates for prepare according to new scheme, there should not be panic. Be ready for any such development; but, wait for the official confirmation from UPSC/Government and then only start thinking about altering your preparation strategies.

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Last Update Friday 13th March 2015     

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