When you think about something seriously, it occupies all corners of mind, says Ritesh Kumar Agrawal (AIR 70, CSE 2011)

This is success story of a straightforward youngster who has confidence and strong believes in his capabilities and accomplished the task in style in his last attempt.

For Ritesh Kumar Agrawal, 28 years, this success is a result of patience and perseverance as he cracked the Civil Service Examination in his fourth and last attempt. His preference in service is IAS which he deserves to get after bagging 70th rank in CSE 2011.

Hailing from Chattisgarh, Ritesh is a product of IIT, Delhi where he gained B Tech in Civil Engineering in 2007.

My dream to become IAS was so strong that I never thought of any back-up plan. I got lot of opportunities but, I preferred to stick to my studies as my sole focus was on UPSC.

However, to keep my self motivated I was teaching students as a volunteer at Udyam Prayas, Delhi based NGO for disadvantaged kids.

About number of attempts
Narrating his long journey, Ritesh said, I just wasted my first attempt as appeared in Preliminary Examination without any preparation. Just before my second attempt, when I was shifting to Gurgaon from Delhi, my all notes, study material got stolen but, still managed to show a decent show in Main Examination.

Each of my previous attempts proved to be enriching experience for me and with each failure, my resolve to crack the Civil Services Examination got stronger.

About optional subjects
With Geography and Literature of Pali Language as optional subject, Ritesh had to work hard to mend the success. Being a semi-scientific subject and I enjoyed it in school days, I chose Geography as my first optional.

For second optional, these was a little dilemma as my subject Civil Engineering is not very popular. Moreover, it would have taken long time to prepare, I started looking at other subject like Public Administration etc. But, I was looking for some subject that can be managed with in limited time and can get me some above average scores. So, Literature of Pali Language became a circumstantial choice.

About high score in Literature of Pali in CSE 2011
During my preparation, Literature of Pali has become interesting and something that I enjoyed thoroughly. This year in Main Examination, the paper was tough but, my long preparation proved to be my strength.

For a fresh candidate, it must have created problems but, most of the candidates like me who were dealing with it for past 2-3 years found it easy to comprehend.

Why only IAS
You know, it is difficult to define but, when you think about something seriously, it occupies all corners of mind. In my case, it was career in IAS which was top of mind. Although, I took four attempts but, I never thought it is not achievable. Success was visible, only thing was I couldn’t find that perfect way to reach it in all my previous attempts.

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