CSE 2011 Result Analysis: Candidates with commerce background

A lot of Commerce background candidates either give Civil Services Examination a pass or if think of it, Commerce & Accountancy as an optional seems difficult to many, whereas it is very good, result producing optional subject.

The commerce background candidate’s first consideration should be their own stream of subject available i.e. Commerce & Accountancy.

It has been observed that commerce background candidates particularly simple graduate with Commerce find it difficult to handle the Civil Services Examination with Commerce & Accountancy as optional subject as in first look the syllabus gives a feel that it is hard to crack and majority of them consider that higher studies candidates like CA only can manage the syllabus.

Whereas, many question asked in CSE 2009, 2010 and 2011 are of graduation level. Many successful candidates with Commerce & Accountancy as one optional have stated that most of the question asked are straight forward and even the theoretical questions does not entail opinion formation.

Before saying yes to ‘Commerce & Accountancy’ have a look at the syllabus and past year’s papers to understand the requirements, level and examiner’s expectations.

List of candidates with Commerce & Accountancy among top 100 in list of successful candidates in CSE 2011
Rank Name Second Optional Subject
13 Namit Mehta Public Administration
17 Om Prakash Kasera Public Administration
55 Deepak Singla Public Administration

The result of CSE 2011 reflects that number of successes with Commerce & Accountancy as an optional subject is little lower in comparison to CSE 2010.

Scoring pattern
Commerce & Accountancy is a good subject and candidates score very good marks. Achieving magical figure of 400 plus marks is always possible as in past, candidates like Rachita Bhandari (418 marks) and Padmini Geol (413 marks), have made it possible. Ravi Dhawan (AIR 6, CSE 2010) scored 377.

Commerce & Accountancy as an optional subject: Future Outlook for CSE 2013
It is an attractive optional subject, but, I admit, not very popular. Reason for the not enough representation is that may be people with commerce background have not explored the Career in Civil Services as lucrative as the opportunities available in private sector and new economy careers.

Among popular subjects, Commerce & Accountancy has been clocking continuous growth and number of successful candidates with it is in sight. But, not many institutes are there who have made serious efforts to highlight the prospects this optional subject has.

Look at the recent as well as past results; you will agree as the data speaks that every year many a candidates have secured higher ranks with Commerce & Accountancy as one optional subject.

Which other alternatives the Commerce background candidates look for?
Most of the popular optional subjects like Public Administration, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science & International Relations, Law and History etc. are picked up by commerce background candidates.

As second optional subjects, Public Administration is the most popular subject which makes winning combination as there are few topics that are common such as thinkers and organization theory, motivation, leadership, budget and financial administration as well as some human resource management topics.

The other important move which Commerce background students can consider is by picking Law as second optional subject. Seems interesting; yes, it is. Commerce background candidates like a more practical subject rather than a theoretical one and there Law as an optional subject can fit in well.

Look at the syllabus of Law for CSE and you will realize that some topics in Paper II like International Law, Law of Contracts and Mercantile Law and many other topics are more or less covered with your graduation level curriculum.
As a portion of Law optional like Constitution of India etc gets covered with General Studies preparation, it look be sort of extension of your studies. The study of Law is needed in areas like Law of Crimes, Law of Torts, and Contemporary Legal Developments and other such topics etc. which should not be difficult to manage if you plan out your things smartly.

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