CSE 2011 Result Analysis: Candidates with Medical background

Shena Aggarwal (AIR 1, CSE 2011) has brought laurels to Medical Science subject by achieving top slot. The performance of candidates with Medical Science has been outstanding and a lot of successes are visible every year.

The candidates, who have confidence and excellent command over subject, go ahead to select Medical Science as optional subject.

The doctors/medical background candidate’s first consideration is their own stream of subject available (Medical Sciences, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Sciences). Only those, who have confidence and excellent command over subject, go ahead to select one as optional subjects.

Next, these candidates look for science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology for which they have aptitude and have studies in past.

List of candidates with Medical Science among top100 in list of successful candidates in CSE 2011
Rank Name Second Optional Subject
1 Shena Aggarwal Psychology
15 Pankaj Jain Literature of Pali Manguage
21 Vikram Jindal Zoology
52 Priyanka Soni Geography
57 Senthil Raj K Geography
66 G S Sameeran Literature of Malayalam Language
81 Shaleen Public Administration
84 Piyush Singla Zoology
97 Neha Arora Psychology

The result of CSE 2011 has many candidates who have made it to the merit-list with Medical Science as one of the optional subject.

List of candidates with Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Sciences among top100 in list of successful candidates in CSE 2011
Rank Name Second Optional Subject
24 Ujjwal Kumar Zoology

Past Trends
In past decade, the overall performance of Science/Engineering/Medical subjects has not been worth mentioning. But, when it comes to the candidates from Science/Engineering/Medical background, their performance and success-rate is very good.

Many capable and smart candidates make cross-domain shift and go for humanities subjects/literature of languages to make equilibrium in effort and consequence.

Some encouraging trends are visible, as the recent results have shown that many candidates have achieved success with Medical Science as optional subject. The trend is gaining strength and in CSE 2011 result more than 40 candidates with Medical Science as one optional subject have found place in the merit-list.

The overall performance of Medical graduates and with higher studies has been very good. Most of them achieved success not only with their own subjects but with humanities subjects/literature of languages with equal ease as they were able to deal with new subjects efficiently and were able to prove better than many other candidates from that stream.

Which other alternatives the Medical background candidates look for?
Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology are top of mind subject among doctors/ medical background candidates.
Among other optional subjects Public Administration, literature of languages, Geography, Philosophy and Political Science & International Relations have also attracted them.

Last Update Monday 2nd July 2012     

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