Hindi Medium Result CSE 2011: Highest ranks with Hindi medium

We are not sure that how many successes are there with Hindi Medium as UPSC does not divulge such information; however, we have searched out a few successes among top 200 ranks which will surely motivate you.

This year, as it is difficult to find toppers among top 50 ranks, there is a general perception that the result of Hindi Medium is not that encouraging in CSE 2011 but we have many candidates who have accomplished goal and have kept the faith of Hindi Medium aspirants alive.

As it seems, Sanjeev Singh (AIR 98, CSE 2011) is the topper with Hindi Medium. He had History and Literature of Hindi Language as optional subjects. His success reflects strong determination, patience and he never lost faith in his abilities.

Vivek Agrawal (AIR 106, CSE 2011) is again with Hindi medium. With History and Literature of Hindi Language as optional subjects, he achieved this success in third attempt.

Praveen Singh Adhayach (AIR 107, CSE 2011) is next successful candidate with Hindi Medium. His optional subjects were Botany and Public Administration. Praveen was earlier selected in RAS and has achieved this success with a science subject that too in Hindi Medium which will motivate many future aspirants to pick their own subjects confidently.

Praveen Kumar Laxkar (AIR 116, CSE 2011) is again with Hindi Medium. His optional subjects are History and Literature of Hindi Language. This is again an inspiring success as working as a school teacher; he has accomplished the task that too with limited resources.

Anurag Verma (AIR 138, CSE 2011) is another candidate who achieved success with Hindi Medium. He also had History and Literature of Hindi Language as optional subjects; he achieved his long cherished goal in his 4th attempt.

Pratibha Pal (AIR 160, CSE 2011) is next in the list of successful candidates who achieved success with Hindi Medium. With History and Political Science & International Relations as optional subjects, she has achieved this success in her third attempt.

We may have missed out some toppers in between but we have listed those names only about which we are sure. It is very difficult to trace out toppers with Hindi Medium as UPSC does not give details pertaining to successful candidates with vernacular languages.

The list of successful candidates with Hindi Medium is long and there are many more names who gave concrete shape to their dreams.

Last Update Saturday 14th July 2018     

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