Secret of Success in Civil Services Examination

It is a very tough examination. Very difficult to crack hence many candidates give it a pass even without trying. As far as process of exam is concerned, it evaluates overall knowledge and personality of the aspirants. Every year hundreds of common aspirants like you come and make career in ‘Civil Services’.
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I am sure, if you have interest in making career in ‘Civil Services’, you must have heard or read what IAS Toppers expressed about their dream and how they kept themselves motivated.

Mangesh Kumar (AIR 4, CSE 2011) got influenced by IAS toppers and got inspiration from their dedication and hard work. He feels to be indebted to Shah Faesal (AIR 1, CSE 2009) whose success story motivated him all through his journey to success.

No denial. It is tough; but, those who argue that Civil Services examination is beyond reach of common aspirants are not genuine. After all there is something special that attracts youngsters in such a large number who dream to have career in ‘Civil Services’.

For Ajay Katesaria (AIR 28, CSE 2011) to appear in Civil Services Examination was not a planned decision. But, as he narrates “I have a habit of completing an assignment which I take” and this principle helped him achieve top rank. He owes his success to ‘Bhagvada Gita’ which he considers as the source of inspiration and success.

I don’t know it excites you or not but every year more than 5 lakh aspirants try their luck here and out of them only a few hundred find place in the merit-list.

Ravindra Binwade (AIR 30, CSE 2011) believes anyone with strong desire to work hard can be successful irrespective of his/her family status. And his success mantra – ‘If there is a will, there is always a way’.

Nikhil Pavan Kalyan (AIR 60, CSE 2011) says, “My success was never a secret. Whatever I followed and whatever I believed, I made sure I shared it with as many friends and people as I could (who can listen), and make use of it for themselves.
I followed a well sorted plan, driven by utmost passion regardless of time, money and efforts, with improving on my principles and ideals in life. “
So, if you are planning to appear in Civil Services Examination, have courage and work hard in right direction without giving heed to negative thoughts.

Last Update Tuesday 19th June 2012     

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