Literature of Languages: again a fresh wave of craze

First it was Literature of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Pali etc. producing good results. Recently, in CSE 2011 result, it is Pali Language that has made this entire Literature of Languages look superior again.

I must acknowledge that in past few years there had been a strong noise that as and when changes hit Main Examination, the Literature of Languages would be the first to face the burnt. There were concentrated wrong notions to assume that candidates do not get marks in Literature of Language and candidates do not qualify with these.

I don’t know from where these kind of talks emerge but, I wish to convey my best wishes and tap on back for those who showed faith in their choice and continued to prepare despite of such apprehensions and wrong notions.

In CSE 2009, Shah Faesal brought a new life into Literature of Languages by securing first rank with Literature of Urdu Language.

Yes, the trend continues rather it is intensifying in recent years and many talented and competent candidates do not hesitate to pick Literature of languages as second optional subject and produce outstanding results.

Successes are pouring in every year and despite the fact that changing trends at Main Examination level has made the things tougher and difficult to score, candidates are performing very well and even securing 400 plus marks in Literature of Languages.

The recent result of Literature of Pali is the latest case in point where some terrific performances have come in limelight. It is not Literature of Pali Language alone; even the Literature of Hindi, Malayalam, Kannad and many other Languages have helped many candidates to achieve success in CSE 2011.

Of late, with increasing number of questions being asked in question papers touching many more topics, perception of Literature of Languages having short syllabus is no more there but, candidates go on to master the optional and have delivered stupendous results.

The fact comes on fore is that it is not the subject but the candidates picking that subject and producing outstanding performance make the reason for selection.

Last Update Friday 25th May 2012     

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