Are the proposed changes at Main Examination level coming?

We all are listening about these for long and many candidates get entangled into the related issues and waste precious time. God knows what the changes are and when these are going to be implemented.

No speculation – we would wait to hear from UPSC or Government first, to make our comments on this issue. Let them do their job and as a candidate, you should do what is expected of you – prepare seriously for this examination.

I don’t know what these candidates understand by preparation for this examination. After all people sitting at the helm of affairs have vast experience and understand the psyche of the aspirants. They have been handling and successfully conducting this examination for so many decades now and in recent times, Civil Services Examination has undergone some changes successfully.

Several such radical changes may approach us in future like the proposed changes at Main Examination level which will transform the way we look at this examination. But, there is no need to budge right now as it is expected that you will be given enough time to take care of evolving situations.

So, don’t waste your time and energy on this issue at least as this is not only you but the entire candidate’s preparation-plan would chance once these revolutionizing changes occur.

Look at the CSE 2011 successful candidates, they also prepared according to the new-look Preliminary Examination with limited information about the new pattern and continued their Main Examination preparation without giving heed to such talks about removal of optional subjects.

UPSC and Civil Services Examination, in particular, are in transformation phase and you need to understand and realign your moves with the progress they make.

With no alarm, UPSC has already introduced many changes at Main Examination level and be it General Studies or Optional subjects; you can easily smell the new flavour that has been brought in recently.

Don’t be selective; prepare with a purpose to gain knowledge, expend the horizon and awareness level and attempt to gain knowledge about topics inside out.

Last Update Friday 13th March 2015     

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