Main Examination 2012: Look at the immediate requirements

As the focus shifts to Main Examination 2012, you need to change the outlook and the way you studied for Prelims. You need to adopt extensive study plan any approach has to be analytical.

General Studies
A vast and that too, vague syllabus confronts aspirants as the diverse nature of issues makes it more difficult to prepare. The preparation plan for General Studies should commence much before you seriously start thinking about this examination.

Practical approach is to break it to different components as syllabus suggests and then prioritize things as per your needs are requirements. Aspirants come from diverse backgrounds and have different likes and dislikes. Then, there are some subjects and even some areas in rest which are dynamic in nature and issues evolve and developments occur along a number of different dimensions. It requires you to observe, relate and update your knowledge constantly.

When the exam standard moves much above the basics, examiner’s expectation is to scrutinize your point of view, correlation of facts and outlook on problems and evolving prospects.

Optional Subjects
It is only a pair of subjects you have to pick but, this is crucial as you need to support your decision all throughout till you achieve success. Do little brainstorming, spend some time analysing different subjects and evaluate your decision on various parameters before saying yes to any particular subject.

Before zeroing on any particular subject, weigh pros and cons associated with them. Another important factor is to identify subjects/topics/areas where you feel comfortable and where not. You may choose a subject which is perceived to be scoring but is not of your interest. Can you put in an honest attempt with that you decide yourself?

Before zeroing on any particular subject/subjects, be sure about it and take well informed decision. Candidates from diverse background appear in Civil Services Examination and take different subjects as it is left to you to choose with which set of subjects you want to appear in examination. At a glance if you see this is an examination where you need to make number of choices at various stages of the examination and those who make the right choices emerge successful.

Essay is a paper not to be ignored. It may have only 200 marks attached to it but, good marks secured sometimes play a very decisive role in final selection.

The preparation for Civil Services Examination is so vast and effective that most of the aspirants practically don’t need special efforts to prepare for Essay separately.

You need to write essay on any one topic during 3 hours duration and there is no word –limit. Writing an effective essay is an art and your aim is to fetch good marks. You are given ample choice to pick one topic you like from variety of issues, themes and topics.

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