Civil Services Examination: Success in first attempt

The recent result of CSE 2011 reveals that there are as many as 6 candidates among top 25 who are recommended for selection in their first attempt.

This is not the first time that some candidates have achieved success in Civil Services Examination in their first encounter with this fierce competition.

Among top 25 candidates, Rukmani Riar (AIR 2, CSE 2011), Prince Dhawan (AIR 3, CSE 2011), Aurangabadkar Amrutesh (AIR 10, CSE 2011), Neeraj Kumar Singh (AIR 11, CSE 2011), Nitika Pawar (AIR 18, CSE 2011) and Neha Prakash (AIR 22, CSE 2011) have made it possible in the very first attempt.

All these candidates represent a long list of achievers who becomes the trend-setters and inspirers by achieving success in the very first encounter with this examination.

Even the result of CSE 2010 had many candidates who achieved success in the very first encounter with this examination. Abhiram Shankar (AIR 4, CSE 2010), Ajay Prakash (AIR 9, CSE 2010) and Aditya Dhaiya (AIR 21, CSE 2010) are some of the prominent names among them.

In CSE 2009 also, Shah Faesal (AIR 1, CSE 2009), Iva Sahai (AIR 3, CSE 2009), Rajiv Raushan (AIR 23, CSE 2009), Jitendra Kumar Soni (AIR 29, CSE 2009) and many others have made successful careers in Civil Services in first attempt.

It has been observed that talented and hard-working candidates put in their best in the first attempt and those who are able to understand the riddle called ‘Civil Services Examination’ come out with flying colours.

So, if it is your first attempt, don’t get confused; move ahead with self-belief and make yourself ready to face the examination boldly.

May be next year, it is you who is going to be in limelight.

Last Update Thursday 17th May 2012     

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