Optional subjects of top 10 candidates in Civil Services Examination 2011

The result of Civil Services Examination 2011 shows some divergent trend about top 10 candidates in merit-list where as many as 15 subjects figures in the optional subjects opted by them.

Every subject is good and produces result and candidates score good marks. Your aim should be to produce extra-ordinary results, for which you have to decide what suits you best and that may not always be what everyone else is doing.

A glance that the optional subjects chosen by top 10 candidates says it all.

Rank Name of the Candidate 1st Optional Subject 2nd Optional Subject
1 Shena Aggarwal Psychology Medical Science
2 Rukmani Riar Sociology Political Science & International Relations
3 Prince Dhawan Public Administration Electrical Engineering
4 Mangesh Kumar Geography Physics
5 S Gopala Sundara Raj A Agriculture Botany
6 Gitanjali Brandon Sociology Law
7 Himanshu Gupta Mathematics Physics
8 Harshika Singh Anthropology Economics
9 D Krishna Bhaskar Anthropology Public Administration
10 Aurangabadkar Amrutesh Kalidas Sociology Philosophy

The optional subjects that got repeated are Sociology, Public Administration, Anthropology and Physics.

Unlike CSE 2010 result where among top 10 candidates tilt was visible in favour of subjects like Public Administration, Geography and Sociology, this result shows a far better distribution of optional subjects.

Are Public Administration, Geography and Sociology loosing steam?

I am not saying that it reflect any downward trend pertaining to subjects like Public Administration, Geography and Sociology. These subjects are the most favourite and number of candidates achieving successes would still be large. But, I am sure the subject distribution is going to be a shade better than candidate’s dependence of only a few subjects which was visible in last result.

Does the presence of Anthropology and Physics twice in top 10 result point towards any trend?

Well, Anthropology has been a consistent performer and have given good results does not surprise. Yes, presence of Physics and combination of Physics-Mathematics in top 10 will certainly infuse new life in science subjects and with performance of optional subjects in focus, science background candidates will show faith in their own subjects.

Last Update Sunday 6th May 2012     

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