Combination of Optional Subjects that delivers in Main Examination

Idea and insight about the examination works wonders in Civil Services Examination and candidates look at the optional subjects of the IAS toppers for inspiration that sometimes becomes the basis of their choice.

As per the scheme of examination, for second stage of the Civil Services examination - Main Examination, the aspirants need to choose 2 optional subjects from the list of given subjects from humanities, science, engineering and many literatures of language (Indian & Foreign).

At the start of preparation, choosing the right pair of optional subjects is the most difficult decision for most of the candidates and majority of them look for the performance of subject combinations which deliver good results. The subject combination of the top 10, top 50 candidates gain more prominence and though it may not be the right criteria for choosing optional subjects but, sometimes candidates get influenced with these without considering their own background and circumstances.

Moreover, there are many subjects that deliver divergent results among English and Hindi Medium candidates and trends indicate that results may have high variation year to year.

Looking at the recent trends, among English Medium candidates, Geography-Public Administration has been the most popular combination. Psychology-Public administration, Geography-Political Science & International Relations, Sociology-Political Science & International Relations, History-Geography, sociology-Psychology and Public Administration-Literature of Languages are some of the most favoured subject combinations in Civil Services (Main) Examination.

Many candidates who opt for Commerce & Accountancy, Law, Anthropology prefers Public Administration and Geography as second optional.

It is observed that Literature of Languages continues to be foremost choice as second optional for a lot of candidates as these are considered to be easier to prepare and manageable in short span of time.

The result of CSE 2010 and the recent one for CSE 2011 indicate that performance with Science subjects has shown some uptick but still humanities and literature of languages rule and produce outstanding results. From science subjects, Physics-Mathematics, Agriculture-Botany, Physics-Chemistry, Botany-Zoology, Physics-Engineering subject are producing noticeable results.

Take some time to decide what is good for you
Making a correct choice by picking the right pair of subjects that contributes in your success is not that simple as it is said. Each subject has its own specific requirements; you need to analyze and weigh pros and cons associated with them.

The result of Civil Services Examination 2011 shows some divergent trend about top 10 candidates in merit-list where as many as 15 subjects figures in the optional subjects opted by them.

Take a clue from this drift and instead of getting confused with popular choice work on your own subjects. May be, it can work in your favour.

Last Update Sunday 6th May 2012     

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