Strategy to tackle objective type (MCQ) questions effectively for Preliminary Examination

When you are concentrating on preparation, you must recognize the link between your accumulated knowledge and the examination techniques for a brilliant performance.

While preparing for Preliminary Examination, with an effective preparation along with tips to score better, you can get away without worrying much about the ‘Negative Marking’.

You need to build a strategy which guides you to face the Preliminary Examination boldly and produces a positive outcome.

Nothing but your relevant knowledge, its application, your alertness and some common sense is going to help you during Preliminary Examination. Once you gain adequate knowledge, practice makes you practical and helps in managing time well.

One needs to recognize it clearly as most of the questions are tricky and twisted, you need to understand question which requires careful reading of question paper. To be sure that you have understood the question read it again. It is suggested by many experts that you should recall the related facts before reading out the options.

Pick up any question, you will find that options given are very similar to each other which make questions look tough. Examiners usually keep such questions to test your preparedness and their aim is to test your understanding not mere recall.

It is also important to read out all options to understanding the questions correctly as some times it is observed that the candidates do not read complete question before making their choice, may be because of lack of time available and by doing so commit mistakes.

It is sheer carelessness still some candidates blame fortune/luck where as they themselves are responsible for such acts. The smart work requires you even when pressure builds up due to shortage of time. Sacrificing correctness for the sake of speed is not a bargain.

Last Update Tuesday 17th March 2015     

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