Highlight of Civil Services Exam, 2011 Results

The merit list released by UPSC has 910 successful candidates recommended for appointment for the posts of IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and other Central Services.

Like last year, this year again, the first two positions have been achieved by female candidates. Their good run continues as Female candidates have shown excellent performance and in the top 100 candidates, there are 21 female candidates.

Shena Aggarwal (Roll No. 233541) is the overall topper and she has achieved this success in her third attempt. She has done MBBS from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi. Her optional subjects are MEDICAL SCIENCES and PSYCHOLOGY.

In her 1st attempt, Rukmani Riar (Roll No. 27895) has secured the second spot in the marit-list.  She has done Master of Arts (Social Entrepreneurship) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Prince Dhawan (Roll No. 1804), also has fulfilled his dream in his very first attempt and has achieved the 3rd spot in the merit-list. He is M. Tech (Electrical Engineering) from IIT, Delhi.

  • Amongst top 25 candidates, 6 have made to the merit lift in their 1st attempt; 07 in 2nd attempt; 09 in 3rd attempt; and 01 each in 4th, 5th & 6th attempts. 
  • Out of top 25 successful candidates, 12 have already been recommended to services other than IAS on the basis of Civil Services Examinations of previous years.
  • Of the top 25 candidates – 13 appeared from Delhi; 3 from Jaipur, 2 each from Mumbai & Chandigarh; and 1 each from Hyderabad, Chennai, Dispur, Patna & Jammu Centres.
  • The top 25 candidates include 19 male (including 01 visually challenged candidate) and 06 female candidates.
Last Update Friday 4th May 2012     

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