Question on BIO-DATA: Hobbies & Areas of interest

Interview for Civil Services Examination in real sense is your Personality Test. Many a time, candidates are inquired about the information relating to Hobbies & Areas of interest.

Type of Question that may be asked during interview about your Hobbies & Areas of interest

  • Why and how you developed interest
  • How deeply you are engrossed with your hobby
  • Your awareness, level of interest and its relation to practical life
  • How you manage time for such activities
  • Is it just a time-pass or have any contribution to your personality development
  • Do you have plans to convert your hobbies in to professional activity?

Opinion was sought from R V Varun Kumar (AIR 3, CSE 2010; faced Ms Rajni Razdan Board) as the image of the police is nefarious in the society, as a police officer how will he try to change it?

Dr. Aditya Dahiya (AIR 21, CSE 2010; faced Dr. K K Paul Board) was asked some questions relating to hobby Lawn Tennis, Cricket and Computer Games.

Arindam Dakua (AIR 32, CSE 2010; faced Mr. I M G Khan Board) was asked questions relating to his hobbies – reading Oriya short stories.

Shiv Sahay Awasthi (AIR 34, CSE 2010; faced Mr. P K Mishra Board) was asked about his hobby – attending marriage; what kind of hobby it is? How you developed such hobby? Any interesting event? What is so significant in Lord Shiva’s marriage procession?

Mahendra Kumar (AIR 37, CSE 2010; faced Prof. Chelam Board) was quizzed about his hobby – Debating.

Mir Mohammed Ali (AIR 59, CSE 2010; faced Mr. P K Mishra Board) was asked questions relating to hobbies Reading (non-fiction), World Cinema, Table Tennis.

Tanvi Sundriyal (AIR 6, CSE 2009; faced Prof. E Balaguruswamy) was asked what kind of paintings she makes.

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