Does perception about the interview board impact performance? (Part II)

I have been among CSE aspirants for so many years and have conversed with many candidates who talk about the Interview boards. Based on the information gathered, many Candidates form opinion, views about the boards terming strict, generous, co-operative, and moderate…

How is the Interview Board? What is the Board Chairman’s background? Is known to be serious, expressionless? What is the range of marks given by each Interview Board? What were the highest marks given by the Board? Will I be given time to adjust? Will I be given chance to defend my views? The list of questions is endless…

It has been observed that more than focusing on preparation, many candidates are more concerned about the Interview Board they may face and are surrounded by array of issues which keeps them worried.

Commenting on the perception many candidates form about the Interview Boards, Sweta Mohanty (AIR 2, CSE 2010) believes that one must not collect too much information. In her opinion, it is an unconstructive use of your effort. As far as impressions about Interview Boards go, they will only hinder performance. She adds, “an interview is a test of personality and irrespective of the board, a candidates’ true personality will gauged by the board.”

The so-called set impressions are not at all healthy in Abhiram G.Sankar’s (AIR 4; CSE 2010) opinion, as it needlessly creates stress in the minds of candidates just before they face the interview board. 

Echoing views expressed by other toppers, Dr. Aditya Dahiya (AIR-21; CSE 2010) said that having set impressions about interview boards always hinders one’s performance. The candidate should focus on his/her bio-data and not on the composition of the board. All the boards are equally good and very cordial.

Expressing his outlook Mahendra Kumar (AIR 37; CSE 2010) said that set impressions about interview boards can only hinder one’s performance and helps in spoiling the show as it may tempt the candidate to show what he/she is not.
He adds, “the originality of personality is desired and traits like critical power of assimilation, honesty, integrity, presence of mind are appreciated by all boards.”

Sharing his insights, Kunal Silku (AIR-65; CSE 2010) said that it is a reality that marks of all boards cannot be same. Some will give more marks and some less. But then this difference will not be more than 30-40 marks even in worst case.
However, if you let this thought pre-occupy yourself then you might further loose more marks. Moreover, one must understand that even good boards also give bad marks and that it is ultimately your mains marks that get you selected.
So, one must try to score around 1100 in Main (written). That reduces dependence on interview. After this, go to interview with open mind and even a score of 150 will give you ‘IAS’ rank.

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Last Update Sunday 11th March 2012     

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