Does perception about the interview board impact performance?

I have been among CSE aspirants for so many years and have conversed with many candidates who talk about the Interview boards. Based on the information gathered, many Candidates form opinion, views about the boards terming strict, generous, co-operative, and moderate…

How is the Interview Board? What is the Board Chairman’s background? Is known to be serious, expressionless? What is the range of marks given by each Interview Board? What were the highest marks given by the Board? Will I be given time to adjust? Will I be given chance to defend my views? The list of questions is endless…

It has been observed that more than focusing on preparation, many candidates are more concerned about the Interview Board they may face and are surrounded by array of issues which keeps them worried.

Commenting on the perception many candidates form about the Interview Boards, S Divyadharshini (AIR 1, CSE 2010) said that an open minded approach would help the candidates performing better at the interview.

Dr. R V Varun Kumar (AIR 3, CSE 2010) feels that unquestionably they hinder performance. He adds, “I have categorically spelled out to candidates that the greatest difficulty civil service aspirants’ face is the ‘set’ impressions and the falsified myths making the rounds amidst the young minds.
Toppers habitually say “the board was cordial”. Those who score poor say that “it was stress interview”. Ultimately the truth is that each candidate sets the tone for his/her interview.
The interviewing board is a group of professionally trained learned men and women who try their best neither to conduct a ‘cordial’ interview nor a ‘stress’ interview. They act according to the demands of the situation. Candidates should firstly believe that the board members are paid to listen to their talk. Hence they should do their best to prove that they are worthy to be selected.”

Sharing his views, Rekhawar Rahul Ashok (AIR 15, CSE 2010) said “As far as I could know, there seems to be one particular board that is known among student community for giving fewer marks in personality test compared to others. But even in such a situation, only positive attitude will help in getting more marks even if one gets that particular panel.
According to me, interview panel is composed of highly experienced people. They can know someone just by talking for few minutes with him/her. Still, interview goes on for 25 minutes. So, we have ample opportunities to correct our mistakes. If we are well prepared with respect to information as well as personality traits, we will get good marks.
But every panel has its own strategies to know a candidate. So, it is better to be well prepared first. When we know in the first hand what the examiners are looking for in us, the preparation becomes very easy. So, carrying any impression other than a positive approach will only harm us.”

Dr.K.Vijayakarthikeyan (AIR-22; CSE 2010) feels that such thoughts do hinder ones performance, as Interview Boards do not follow any fixed template and ask similar question. They keep changing their styles, methods, spheres of questions and only keep people guessing. So going in with a thought that x may ask in y topic or give in the range of zzz marks only and finding out that the proceedings do not match the thoughts really hinders ones performance.

Expressive his outlook Mir Mohammed Ali (AIR-59, CSE 2010) said that while preparing prior to my interview, I was handed a list of the Chairpersons of each board with details about their education and career. I read through one and then stopped. I didn’t want to have a set impression. Now that I’ve given the interview, I feel that if the same question was posed to me by two different boards, my answers wouldn’t have changed, simply because at that moment, I could not have modulated my answers based on the Chairperson’s background and interests. So I went in without “set impressions”.


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