Preparation-Plan requires a rational assessment about your seriousness towards ultimate goal

If you have plans to appear in CSE 2012, you have limited days in your hand and a reverse counting of days left will remind you about the challenge.

For beginners, decision about appearing in Civil Services Examination is a big challenge and giving some advice is really tough.

Last year it was new-look Preliminary Examination which made candidates anxious, this year it is talk of proposed changes at Main Examination level which obstructed the preparation plans of many candidates. Majority of these candidates slowed down the preparation activities in absence of clarity about the pattern of the examination and the confusion ‘will optional subjects remain in Main Examination or not’, blocked the progression of preparation level.

Why to talk of CSE 2013 or beyond, even those who are to appear in CSE 2012, many candidates are waiting for the notification to get clarity about the requirements.

Initial take
From the beginning itself, candidates are surrounded by lots of myths and apprehensions and, many doubts and reservations surround their mind. To tackle the initial hesitation, you need to reach out to your friends, seniors, teachers and other experienced persons who can guide you about the requirements and can give a reasonable idea about the diligent effort you need to put in.

The next thing to do is to look at the syllabus, past year question papers (both Preliminary & Main Examination) and the books/study material you require for preparation.

Integrated approach
As the conversation relating to proposed changes at Main Examination level suggests, what all is to come in future will be relating to optional subjects only and General Studies will more or less be left touched. This precisely happened last year with Preliminary Examination also where Paper II came in place of optional subject and Paper I remained very much similar to what General Studies paper used to be in past.

So, a main focused preparation for General Studies should be commenced without delay if you are preparing for CSE 2013 and beyond.

If you have plans to appear in CSE 2012, you have limited days in your hand and a reverse counting of days left will remind you about the challenge.

Drive out this fearfulness
When candidates are really confused from where to start preparing, the only thing that can give solace to these apprehensions is a rational assessment about your seriousness to achieve your goal– IAS.

You look at the people like Shah Faesal (AIR 1, CSE 2009), Abhiram Shankar (AIR 4, CSE 2010), Ajay Prakash (AIR 9, CSE 2010) and many others who achieved success in very first attempt.

And as the sight gets set on May 20, 2012, Preliminary Examination - your first encounter with this mega-examination, you have to focus your attention on the ultimate goal and step-up your efforts to come out as a champion.
All the best!

Last Update Sunday 8th January 2012     

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