Candidates with engineering background

Mutyala Raju Revu (AIR-1; CSE 2006), Supreet Singh Gulati (AIR-2 CSE 2007), Prakash Rajpurohit (AIR-2; CSE 2009) are among candidates who showed courage to pick their own stream of engineering and secured top ranks in recent years.

The engineering background candidate’s first consideration is their own stream of subjects available (Civil, Electrical & Mechanical).

Mutyala Raju Revu (AIR-1; CSE 2006), Supreet Singh Gulati  (AIR-2 CSE 2007), Prakash Rajpurohit  (AIR-2; CSE 2009) are among candidates who showed courage to pick their own stream of engineering and secured top ranks in recent years.

However, in the latest result performance with engineering subjects had not been that encouraging. Top ranks among top 100 lists of successful candidates were Ravi Jha (AIR 47, CSE 2010) and Rajiv Kumar Mishra (AIR 85, CSE 2010) with Mechanical Engineering and Nitin Singh Bhadauria (AIR 62, CSE 2010) with Electrical Engineering.
The lone candidate successful with Civil Engineering as one optional is Abid Khan (Air 245, CSE 2010).

Beyond own subject, next set of subjects for these candidates are pure science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for which they have aptitude and have studies in past.

Past Trends
But, in past decade, the performance of Science/engineering subjects has not been worth mentioning. The most important reason could be that specialized coaching for engineering subjects is not easily available and the pattern of papers has changed which makes scoring hard. Only those, who have confidence and excellent command over subject, go ahead to select engineering subject as one optional subject.

That is why many capable and smart candidates make cross-domain shift and go for humanities subjects/literature of languages to make equilibrium in effort and consequence.

The performance of engineering graduates and with higher studies has been very good. Most of them achieved success not with their own subjects but with humanities subjects/literature of languages as they were able to deal with new subjects efficiently and were able to prove better than many other candidates from that stream.

Which other alternatives the Engineers look for?
Geography is top of mind subject among engineering graduates. Among other optional subjects Public Administration, literature of languages, particularly Pali and of late Sociology and Philosophy have also come on their radar.


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