Is it possible to score high marks in some particular subjects?

Many subjects are promoted as high scoring subjects and as safe optional subjects. But, as a matter of fact each subject is good and many candidates scoring high marks which help them in success.

UPSC has chalked out plan where there is no favoritism while evaluation is done. A glance at the results would reveal that no subject is low scoring.

You will find candidates scoring 400+ marks in subjects like Public Administration, Philosophy, and Economics etc. at the same time, you will find many candidates securing marks in two-digit in subjects like Mathematics and Physics.

One thing is clear that if your preparation is good, no subject is low scoring. It is up to the candidates to perform up to examiner’s expectation and score good marks. You need to understand the requirements and if you are aware how the optional subject is dealt with, you will be able to put up a nice show.

As a matter of fact there are certain subjects like Mathematics and Physics which are well-known high scoring subjects. Being objective in nature, Science subjects inherently are known to be marks fetching subjects. But, at the same time these are risky as any mistake/fumble at any stage can cause big damage and can bring down your score drastically low.

In case of humanities subjects, a lot of subjectivity is attached that makes subject comparatively less scoring. In Civil Services Examination, this feature makes your chances relatively secure and if one is not able to put excellent performance, at least average marks can be expected.

This is the precise reason why candidates from science/engineering background make cross-domain shift and sometimes pick some humanities subject to make a balanced attempt.

Many subjects are promoted as high scoring subjects and as safe optional subjects. This is what I call is nothing but gimmicks. Each subject is good and has some special requirements attached to it. It all depends on your aptitude and interest in the subject. As you have to put in efforts to prepare this subject; you have to justify your choice.

If you have the competence to uplift your capacity of preparing the subject with understanding the requirements and knowing how it is to be wrapped up, you can pick that particular subject.

Last Update Tuesday 13th December 2011     

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