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What should be the presentation techniques that satisfy the examiner?

Candidates with diverse background having dissimilar attitude, different source of study material and above all different thinking and memorizing capabilities are required to converge their knowledge to tackle the General Studies paper effectively.

How to handle General Studies preparation; how to update on National, international affairs; how to uplift the preparation level that matches the examination standards are some of the common questions that surround the minds of many candidates. The coverage is so vast that candidates find it difficult to manage information.

The level of Main Examination is such where Engineers/Medicos and science background candidates find it tough to answer science related questions. Same is the case with humanities background candidates who get puzzled to see some hard-hitting questions from the constituents like history, polity, geography or economy. Reason? Nothing special, but creative and innovative approach of UPSC which makes many a times simple questions look tough.

The Main Examination, off late has become more challenging as quality of question has transformed dramatically. The trend is on conceptual and interlinked issues, questions from even traditional parts of the syllabus are often application based.

Are you ready to put in some extra efforts?

It may be your 1st attempt or last, what ever, the only thing you should tell yourself is that this is the one chance and you have to put in best of your effort and that too it should be focused which take you to the final merit-list.

The evolving situation needs focused approach with complete grip on the syllabus along with some undefined interlinked topics which you may require to know while writing answers.

You should lay hands on only the relevant and updated study-material as many a time questions are not straight from the traditional book. The most important point is that selective study approach can misfire as the question paper involve short (with lesser marks attached) but more number of questions.

The developments taking place in the examination process have made the examination look demanding and the presentation of your answer matters the most. The examiner is exploring the candidate’s focus, thoroughness about the topic, inter-linking with related issues, updated information, analyzing capability and originality.

Still, you have sufficient time to prepare and gain confidence to face the challenges this examination throws.

Last Update Thursday 14th July 2011     

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