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General Studies: becoming spoil sport for many

A glance at the past 3 years final results reveals that the average score in General Studies in going down every year. It is really hard to find 300 plus score in General Studies in CSE 2010 result.

If I have to spot any quarter for which the best resource, study material in abundance and the best of the coaching available, it is certainly the General Studies. Despite such information access, the recent trend in General Studies score is gradually south-bound in recent Main Examinations.

Undoubtedly, UPSC is in experimental mode and devising newer methods to select the genuine talent which is reflected in the changes in the setting-up of question papers and in type of questions asked.

The evolving situation requires diverse approach from the candidates. Why many books, magazines and even coaching institutes look of limited use is the matter of fact that a very little shift in tactics is visible which tracks the swiftly changing moves UPSC is making.

Few points which comes to mind instantly are

  • The paper has become lengthy
  • The question paper is split in multiple value questions with smaller denomination with wider coverage of topics, leaving it with limited choices available.
  • There are little facts and figures which are being asked.
  • A host of questions are contemporary in nature and the traditional knowledge is of limited use.
  • Most of the questions are conceptual and requires complete understanding of topic.
  • Many questions have 2-3 issues interlinked and only deep understanding is of help.

There is no particular book or study material is prescribed, you will lend in trouble, if you are not have relevant and updated text. Many toppers confirm that they were in fix as question papers sent shivers to spine in first look.

Personally speaking, right now it is you who is to make choice what, from where, how much to read and in which way to present the relevant matter as question requires and for this nothing but only good quality, up-today study material and extensive study can save you.

A little effort and you find yourself on track. One more thing that can help you in getting good marks is to understand the examiner’s psyche. A good answer sets the tune of any examiner and anything which has impressive presentation, relevant and to-the-point answer.

To effectively tackle the situation, you have to deal with state of affairs with a fresh line of attack. It is said, ‘life is what we make it.’ Our aim is to score decent marks in General Studies which renders great help in getting selected and more important getting higher ranks in the merit-list.

Last Update Thursday 14th July 2011     

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