Popular Combination of Optional Subjects for Main Examination

This may not be the right criteria for choosing optional subjects but, sometimes candidates look for the performance of subject combinations which deliver good results. These combinations, sometimes, deliver divergent results among English and Hindi Medium candidates and results may vary year to year.

On Saturday 7th May 2011     

For second stage of the Civil Services examination - Main Examination, the aspirants need to choose 2 optional subjects from the list of given subjects from humanities, science, engineering and many literatures of language (Indian & Foreign).

Among English Medium candidates it is observed that Psychology-Public administration, Geography-Public Administration, Geography-Political Science & International Relations, Sociology-Political Science & International Relations, History-Geography, sociology-Psychology and Public Administration-Literature of Languages are some of the most favoured subject combinations in Civil Services (Main) Examination.

Many candidates who opt for Commerce & Accountancy, Law, Anthropology prefers Public Administration and Geography as second optional.

A lot of candidates pick Literature of Languages and make second optional as these are considered to be easier to prepare and manageable in short span of time.

Although in recent years, science subjects are not performing so well in comparison to subjects from humanities and literature of languages still Physics-Mathematics, Physics-Chemistry, Botany-Zoology, Physics-Engineering subject are producing noticeable results.

Before zeroing on any particular subject, weigh pros and cons associated with them.

The choice of right set of optional subject is crucial and would reflect in your final result. So, take your time and decide what can be the best combination which can help you crack this examination.

Last Update Saturday 7th May 2011

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