Performance of Optional Subjects in Hindi Medium

The choice of optional subject by Hindi Medium candidates is little different from English Medium candidates as some subjects particularly from science and specialized professional studies are not so popular among Hindi Medium candidates.

On Saturday 7th May 2011

Among Hindi Medium candidates, a glance at Civil Services (Main) Examination 2008 data based on the candidates appeared with medium of writing examination in Paper I of the subjects reveals that maximum candidates appear with History (2910 candidates).

Philosophy (1806 candidates) emerged as the second most popular subject among Hindi Medium candidates.

Surprisingly, the most popular optional subject, Geography (1426 candidates) is the third most preferred subject in Hindi Medium.

Public Administration (1017 candidates); Political Science & International Relations (734 candidates); Sociology (535 candidates) are next among the most preferred subject.

The most noticeable name missing in the list of subjects opted by Hindi Medium candidates is Psychology (only 20 candidates in Hindi Medium) which is one of the most popular optional subjects and has an excellent success-rate.

From other popular subjects, in Law (114 candidates); Economics (113 candidates); Anthropology (76 candidates); and Commerce & Accountancy (35 Candidates) attracted Hindi Medium candidates the most.

Among Science subjects Zoology (54 candidates); Mathematics (40 candidates); Botany (25 candidates); and Chemistry (16 candidates) are the most preferred subjects by Hindi Medium candidates.

Literature of Hindi languages attracted 954 candidates but, a few among those who appeared with the Hindi Literature may not be Hindi Medium candidates as lot many English medium candidates opt for Literature of Hindi languages as one optional.

Similarly, many Hindi medium candidates would have opted for Literature of languages like Sanskrit, Pali or Maithili.

Optional Subjects takes a whole lot of guts to prepare! Before zeroing on any particular subject, weigh pros and cons associated with them. The first step towards your journey to career in ‘Civil Services’ is about to begin with your optional subject selection. Take an informed decision and move forward with your preparation-plan.

Last Update Saturday 7th May 2011

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