Success rate of Optional Subjects in Mains Examination

To plan the strategy for Civil Services Examination, candidates look for information and details regarding the examination. To help you plan better, we bring the latest facts relating to Civil Services Examination from the 60th Annual Report of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

On Thursday 5th May 2011     

A glance at the following table reveals the performance of the optional subjects in Civil Services Examination 2008. You should be careful in taking reference of the data for deciding your optional subjects.

You should take into account that the majority of candidates take the most popular optional subjects and the most of the successes are coming from these optional subjects.

91.2 per cent of the successful candidates opted optional subjects related to Humanities including Literature of Languages. 6.7 per cent successful candidates opted science subjects, 1.5 per cent of the successful candidates chose Medical Sciences while 0.6 per cent of the successful candidates made it with Engineering Subjects.
You can spot many Literature of Languages subjects on top of the list on Success-rate among all optional subjects. The high success-rate may attract you; but, you need to look at the number of candidates appearing with these subjects and the number of candidates recommended for selection.

The result and the success-rate of these subjects may vary year to year as the number of candidates appearing is very low.

As the list depicts, Geography was the most preferred subject among the optional subjects chosen by the candidates. History and Public Administration are at 2nd and 3rd spot.

Every subject is good and you will find that with almost all subjects, candidates achieve success. Every subject has specific demands and as long as you can make justice to the choice, you may think of taking subject you prefer.

Civil Services Examination 2008

Optional Subject wise distribution of candidates who appeared vis-à-vis recommended for selection


Last Update Thursday 5th May 2011

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