“As the Pattern of Civil Services Examination has changed with CSE 2011, these are no more of use. These are given for your reference only what it used to be till CSE 2010.”

On Friday 1st January 2010

For the beginners, before beginning the preparation, the first step to be familiar with the exam is the past years’ question papers. It gives a fair idea about the requirements and the exam standards. In the beginning it would be really difficult to analyse and solve these papers but, when you will prepare, you will easily figure out which topics and issues are asked in question papers.

Now, the way questions are asked in examination, the basic understanding of the topics becomes the need. This will help you figure out the important topics and later on will help you guess what all can be asked in examination and will help you prioritize the important ones.
As you move forward, solving these question papers give you confidence and make you aware of the areas where you lack. Again, solving these question papers help you in ‘Time Management’ as you can make out how much time one question take and were you able to manage question in stipulated word-limit as well.
Optional subject paper in CSE Prelim 2009 is given here for your reference. You can download or get prints for reference and practice.
Last Update Friday 1st January 2010

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