Take little time out to decide a pair of optional subjects for you

Final selection for Optional Subjects should be made carefully as the lack of awareness about the choice of optional subjects poses a big concern for aspirants.

Optional Subjects list gets a little longer with many subjects and numerous Language literatures which make it more difficult to decide. It is suggested and normally aspirants opt for one optional subject which they have studied in graduation.

The problem arises when you have to choose 2nd optional subject. Another drawback is that aspirants sometime ignore their interest, caliber and the aptitude and choose subjects emulating toppers and successful candidates.

History, Geography, Public Administration, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Political Science are some of popular optional subjects and a huge number of candidates select these as optional subject in Mains Examination. Final selection for Optional Subjects should be made carefully as the lack of awareness about the choice of optional subjects poses a big concern for aspirants.

Many a time, aspirants leave their own subjects and opt for some popular subjects which are considered as safe optional subjects. It is quite common among Engineering and science background aspirants. CSE 2009 Rank 1, Dr. Shah Faesal left his own subjects and chose to pick Public Administration and Literature of Urdu Language as optional subjects. CSE 2008 overall topper Shubhra Saxena is another example with Engineering background (IIT Roorkee) she opted for Public administration and Psychology.

Every year you will find such success stories and the most popular optional subjects among such candidates is Geography besides Psychology and Public Administration if they have to choose from the list of humanities subjects available.

There are reasons for this; one, availability of quality study material; two, access to excellent coaching; three, large number of aspirants with same subject; four, learning process is such where you absorb what you read and have ability to reproduce; five, scoring pattern is such where you can expect average to good scoring unlike science subjects which either makes or breaks your dream; six, as you lose touch with your subject as gap occurs in between, it requires comparatively lesser effort to prepare humanities subject rather than updating yourself with science/engineering subject.

Explore, give a cool thought and discuss it out with people you trust, and as you know your strengths and weaknesses, decide what suits best to you.

Go ahead, prepare well and show your best performance.

Last Update Saturday 7th November 2009     

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