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iaspassion.com congratulates all successful candidates for their amazing success. All deserve appreciation and admiration for their efforts which produced positive results. The successful candidates, specially the IAS toppers are always a source of inspiration and youngsters are eager to know their strategies, preparation-plan and study material which they refer to. We, at iaspassion.com keep on gathering information about the success-plan/details about many such successes and present here so that their experiences can be useful for future aspirants.

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     Rank:  3
    CSE  2010
     Profile Viewed:  27160 time(s)

    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 119
    General Studies 600 238 (115 + 115)
    Sociology 600 366 (186 + 180)
    Public Administration 600 360 (196 + 164)
    Total (Written) 2000 1083
    Interview 300 234
    Total 2300 1317 (57.26%)

    Optional Subjects

    Optional Subjects: Public administration & Sociology

    Basis of selecting them: LOVE FOR THE SUBJECT. This can be examined by perusing through the intellectually prepared syllabus of various subjects by the UPSC.

    Success Plan


    After three consecutive attempts in 2008, 2009 and 2010, I achieved success in this third attempt.

    In 2008 I read for 2-3 months and I appeared for the examination, just to score miserably. It is always better to put in at least ten months of preparation before taking the first preliminary examination.

    In 2009, I comfortably cleared Preliminary Examination but, I skipped the Mains examination. I did not want to land up in 200s, 300s rank; hence, I decided to fore go the 2009 CS Main Exam due to my discomfiture in Psychology.

    In 2010, I scored massively in Preliminary Examination just to ensure that I shall get a Mains admit card. I switched over from Psychology to Sociology. I had a natural liking towards Sociology which I failed to realize in earlier attempts.

    My preparation has been a comedy of errors. I advice the candidates to plan their ‘journey’ properly as I believe that ‘first attempt is the best attempt’. 


    Public administration


    This was my first mains examination. It is better to adopt one intelligent strategy and succeed in the first attempt itself.

    My strategy was simple for mains examination. I decided to manage my time really well and was always on the hunt to make best use of the available time. I was not contemplating about the next attempts.

    So, there was only one strategy which was prepared after deep contemplation and it was to manage my time effectively and this strategy helped me succeed. 


    'Preparedness of our society for India's global leadership role' is topic on which I wrote, owing to the fact that I had sound knowledge of sociology.

    I had scored 119 in Essay and my total marks is 1317. Hence essay has contributed approximately 9% to my success. That itself speaks volumes about what kind of special effort is required for essay paper.

    I bought three small booklets on anecdotes and I also collected relevant material for essay as I read through newspapers. It was part of my newspaper reading routine.

    In my opinion Essay and Personality test are the two regions where we can score massively with very little effort, as compared to the other candidates who will be toiling with GS and optional subjects.    


    I faced Ms.Razni Razdan Madame’s board.

    My interview went on for 40 minutes and the questions posed to me were:

    I wanted to prove to the board that I was not an ordinary candidate and that it would be a great loss to the government if a youngster like me was not recommended. The only way to do it was to enrich my profile and improve my communication skills. I decided I shall not trust any institute for that and hence limited the role of coaching institutes only to the extent of arranging mock interviews for me. I attended at least 8 mock interviews and learnt things by trial and error method. This learning experience culminated into a very good score of 234/300 in interview.

    Daily I used to look for happenings around the city in the column “Chennai today” in The Hindu and www.buzzintown.com. I used to attend all seminars, conferences, debates etc. I also asked few questions in these forums and my questions were highly appreciated due to the fact that I was a civil service aspirant. Candidates should make best use of the respect that civil service commands in our society.

    I clearly spelled out to my institute that I do not want the monotonous current affairs classes for interview preparation rather I want experts to come and give a lecture about their area of expertise. They asked me to arrange the program and I happily did it. We received lectures on topics like transgenders, environmental conservation, e-governance, police reforms, river water disputes, jallikattu etc. Even reading books may not give us so much authentic information in such a short span of time.

    I did two internships. IPS being my first choice I did an internship with TN State Human Rights Commission. I also underwent an administrative internship at Seoni district, Madhya Pradesh. The concept of internships is not very famous in our country. So these internships were agreed to only because of my persistence and perseverance.

    My hobbies are watching world cinema and documentaries. I did want to sound like any other candidate in the interview hence decided to receive an award in this regard. I attended the 8th Chennai International Film Festival and wrote movie reviews for which I received the ‘Film Buff Award’. One has to show precision and extreme care in preparing for interview as every resume is unique from the other and tailor-made solutions should be sort after in order to excel in the personality test.  

    Interview Questions

    1.    Is Anna Hazare's demand implemental?
    2.    What are the problems you foresee if Anna Hazare's requests are agreed to by the government?
    3.    The image of the police is nefarious in the society. As a police officer how will you try to change it?
    4.    Tell us the rank hierarchy of Indian Army.
    5.    Who is the Japanese film director who is world renowned for his style? Name two movies which he directed.
    6.    What is judicial activism? Is it justified? Quote two examples of JA.
    7.    You completed your dentistry. Then you became an Assistant Commandant in CRPF. Now you want IPS. Why is your career plan so confused?
    8.    Is there a need for police reforms? If so tell the reforms.
    9.    You are an officer in Railway Protection Force. One poor man does not have travel ticket. One University Professor has lost the ticket he had bought. How will you handle both of them?
    10.     Based on a survey mapping, it is found that the numbers of SC’s are very less in areas where ST’s are concentrated. Why is it so?
    11.    What is Phishing?
    12.     If you become an IPS officer, which is the organization that you aspire to join?  

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