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     Rank:  3
     Year:  2009
     Exam:  Civil Services Examination
     Profile Viewed:  1662 time(s)

    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 103
    General Studies 600 337 (181 + 181)
    Geography 600 323 (142 + 181)
    Anthropology 600 378 (189 + 189)
    Total (Written) 2000 1141
    Interview 300 185
    Total 2300 1326 (57.65%)

    Optional Subjects

    It is good if the subject you are opting, were your subjects during graduation.

    If not then, one can go through the syllabi and take the one which seems interesting and books can be easily available.

    I had studied both in Graduation, and then went on to do post graduation in Geography.

    While preparing for Preliminary Examination, my aim was to make writing notes as it makes revision easy.

    I divided my time 50:50 for General Studies and Optional Paper.

    For Mains preparation, I was particular about the concepts, not minor details.

    I read extensively but …for those units were questions are more likely to be asked. I did all the topics within those units with extra care.

    This can be known by solving previous years question papers.

    By reading news magazines like Frontline and EPW in addition to The Hindu Paper preparation for Essay was on side-by-side for ESSAY.

    I wrote on “Are we a soft state?” as I have interest in India’s international affairs and history after independence.


    Preparation for Interview moved around my Bio-data, with special attention to questions relating to Hobby.

    I faced Prof. Purshottam Agrawal’s board on March 26th.

    I was confident even when I did not know the answers to a few questions. I was not able to answer at least 5 questions of factual nature. I answered 7 to 8 questions reasonably well. 

    It went on for 30 to 35 minutes.




    Interview Questions

    Questions were asked on:
    - Tribal Problems,
    - Khap Panchayat verdict,
    - euro 4 norms,
    - GPS,
    - Women's Reservation,
    - Bundelkhand,
    - 5 freedom fighters from South India,
    - India's foreign policy since independence,
    - On my hobby book reading,
    - on Mithila (my birthplace),
    - Black Money, Establishment of UPSC
    - The reason behind the name Dholpur House
    - India Gate,
    - Captain of women's Cricket Team
    - Why preference in service - IAS as first choice,
    - Why so many IAS officers do nothing for Allahabad,
    - The functioning of Churu Panchayat that I had mentioned were the questions asked.


    For practice, solve question papers, devote atleast 1 year for focused preparation for civil services.

    This is not the IAS topper's profile. We, at iaspassion.com keep on gathering information about the success-plan/details about many such successes and present here so that their experiences can be useful for future aspirants. "if you have a question, please click here; iaspassion.com team will try to answer your queries."

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