Is Preliminary Examination the most difficult stage to clear?

Atul Kapoor
3rd August 2016 IST

The debate is on to decide which is tougher Preliminary or Main Examination. This issue has more relevance looking at the fact that after making Preliminary Examination Paper II qualifying, the outcome depends on Preliminary Examination Paper I and marks secured from total 200 marks decides your fate.

To start with, it is a very subjective question and it depends on individual how they perceive about both two different ways of evaluation they face in Preliminary and later, Main Examination.

Although, Preliminary Examination is a screening test still, its importance can’t be ignored as you get chance to move to next level once you clear the first stage – Prelims.

Moreover, you are facing competition about which you are totally ignorant and with an effective preparation only you can expect to have a competitive edge.

It all depends on the marks you obtain in Preliminary Examination General Studies Paper I out of total 200 marks. When base narrows down, more pressure is build-up thus makes scene more challenging.

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There is no scope for being complacent; you have to have a decent show that takes you to next stage; otherwise, you will have to wait for another year to face the same sequence.

In Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2015 cut-off was 107.34 marks; so, keep your target higher than this to expect positive outcome.

Hope you have prepared well for Prelims

The recent changes support the suggestion of adopting integrated approach (Prelims + Mains) while preparing for Civil Services Examination. As such, the exam-plan doesn’t allow you to look at Civil Services Examination stage-wise.

The way questions are being framed, now Preliminary Examination requires extensive study approach as you need to achieve maximum breadth, but not too much depth.

Those who understand this are able to perform better at Preliminary Examination and are able to manage the burden effectively.

How to face the situation?

You have to be careful while attempting questions and more watchful while marking it on answer-sheet.

You need to have a strategy for attempting question paper and will have to keep negative marking in mind.

For Hindi medium and vernacular language candidates who were not able to understand the evolving requirements, thus have not been able to effectively tackle the Prelims in past five years; it has proved to be a bottleneck and most of them fumbled at the first staged itself.

Hope this time Hindi medium and vernacular language candidates are better prepared with an effective coverage of syllabus at the same time are equipped with skills and techniques to face it confidently.

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