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iaspassion.com congratulates all successful candidates for their amazing success. All deserve appreciation and admiration for their efforts which produced positive results. The successful candidates, specially the IAS toppers are always a source of inspiration and youngsters are eager to know their strategies, preparation-plan and study material which they refer to. We, at iaspassion.com keep on gathering information about the success-plan/details about many such successes and present here so that their experiences can be useful for future aspirants.

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     Rank:  3
    Civil Services Examination  2008
     Profile Viewed:  52769 time(s)

    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 116
    General Studies 600 344 (182 + 182)
    History 600 351 (175 + 176)
    Philosophy 600 327 (163 + 164)
    Total (Written) 2000 1138
    Interview 300 215
    Total 2300 1353 (58.83%)

    Optional Subjects

    Optional subjects: History & Philosophy

    While selecting optional subjects, I preferred the subjects of my interest, looked for past few years’ success trends, availability of study-material and quality guidance. In all my UPSC attempts, I had the same optional subjects’ combination.

    Success Plan

    It was a gradual progression toward IAS post; earlier, I got through in State PCS and in last attempt got selected in Civil Service Examination and got IRS.

    Initially, my target was post of Deputy Collector and prepared for State PCS examination; after achieving desired post, soon, I realized the importance of IAS post and focused all my energies on it.

    My preparation started with a look at syllabus, previous years’ papers and read some interviews of selected candidates.

    My first attempt was not a planned effort. But, after two attempts, in this attempt I was committed that it is going to be my last attempt and since beginning, my strategy was clear.

    For this, I changed my sleeping habits and made the best use of the time available. I maintained a balance between my job, family and preparation. I emphasized on conceptual clarity.

    Number of attempts
    The ultimate success came to me in third attempt. In earlier attempts, due to my job commitments, I was not able to get proper time for Main Examination preparation.

    Time Management

    In this attempt, I took special care for time management. Covering wide syllabus was a big challenge for me along with job and family commitments.

    My planning involved small goals for each day and made self-note on a regular basis which were really useful just before examination to revise the whole syllabus in 1-2 days.

    Secret of success
    Converting the ‘possibilities’ into ‘realities’

    About Hindi medium
    Hindi medium candidates should never have some sort of complex; anyone from any medium can achieve high ranks in Civil Service Examination.

    You just need to have good information and awareness level and with grip over language, clear, to-the-point expression can work wonders for you.


    My preparation involved

    • Extensive study-plan
    • Emphasis on factual and conceptual clarity
    • Regular practice for objective-type questions

    Negative marking
    To escape from being panelized for Negative marking, I preferred to get away from doubtful questions.


    I identified the topics which were not very strong and made attempts to improve my knowledge relating to those.

    I intensely focused on all newly added topics in syllabus and prepared notes for these topics.

    With answer writing practice, each time I tried to improve upon the mistakes and made presentation more impressive.

    For Philosophy, I got support from Mr. Vikas Divyakirti (Drishti-The Vision). His evaluation and advice helped me improve answer writing.

    General Studies
    I feel General Studies deserves more attention compared to optional subjects. The learning for General Studies helps in other areas also particularly at interview stage. I preferred self-study for General Studies preparation and with focus on current affairs, I went deep into topics and prepared notes.


    For Essay, I got guidance from Vikas Sir and got my Essays evaluated from him.

    While writing essay, I incorporated all related aspects but cared that nothing irrelevant is there. I added few quotations also in my essay.


    For Personality Test, I emphasized on news analysis and appeared in Mock Interviews.

    I was interviewed on April 14, 2009 in Mr. Nirbhay Sharma’s Board. It was an interactive session involving a lot of cross-questioning. It lasted for about 40 minutes.

    Interview Questions

    • The history of ‘Telangana’ and ‘Vidharbha’ state and my views.
    • Sino-US relationship
    • Reasons for farmers’ suicides and the solution
    • Why only male farmers commit suicide why not women farmers?
    • Study of History is not waste; why?
    • Benefits of creation of Chattisgarh state
    • Which genetic disease is common in Chattisgarh? Its reason, symptoms and treatment. If any program is to be run across Chattisgarh state, what should be the approach?
    • Challenges faced during job in Chattisgarh as SDM.
    • As a collector, what strategy I will make to counter corruption

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