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Act fast to take first step towards your goal

Atul Kapoor
1st February 2010 IST

The focus, self-confidence and commitment in taking the first step towards the Goal are what matters a lot in your final result.

As usual, I interact with a number of candidates who are aspiring for a career in ‘Civil Services’ and try to turn their focus on their needs and requirements. Among all, I can figure out easily one aspirant from Uttrakhand whom I met in June last year. He had just completed B Tech and got serious about Civil Services Examination for 2010 exam.

Before coming to Delhi, he hunted for advice regarding the optional subject’s selection and was suggested to have a look at subject syllabus and past year’s question papers of the subjects he had short listed.

This exercise gave him enough information to decide which combination of subjects is good for him and also helped him to settle on the need that it is essential to join coaching institute to prepare General Studies and his second optional, better.

He reached Delhi in first week of June last year, at 10 in morning, discussed his plan, and cleared all the doubts he had in mind relating to choice of optional subjects and to begin with which optional subject to prepare as he is eyeing 2010 examination. He joined the institute for Public Administration, his second optional subject and attended the inaugural class at 12.

For General Studies, he got admission in a leading coaching institute in October batch to do justice with his first optional which simultaneously he continued preparing of his own.

Now, as the announcement has come; he is through with his second optional and is concentrating on 1st optional with major focus on Prelims.

The focus, self-confidence and commitment in taking the first step towards the Goal are what matters a lot in your final result. ‘Yes, I can’ attitude and belief in your abilities inspire you to work hard and perform.


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