Atul Kapoor
Atul Kapoor

Civil Services Examination 2013 result expected soon

8th June 2014 IST
Time to realize the dreams has come as in next few days we are going to witness the much awaited Civil Services Examination 2013 final results.

This is one of the most significant results we are going to witness as soon we will come to know the final results of Civil Services Examination 2013.

In next few days, some of the best and brightest candidates would hog the limelight and all of us would be keen to know their success-stories.

I feel all those who participated in Civil Services Examination 2013 have demonstrated an unusual drive and a belief that how-so-ever challenging the situation be, anything is possible.

Yes, with such a confusing start when the notification came last year with a new format for Main Examination and later, talking of General Studies (Main Examination) papers that were full of surprises, all the successful candidates deserve appreciation and laurel for their achievement.

Needless to mention that accomplishment is a product of talent that's combined with dreams, focus and just plain hard work and I wish all candidates luck and success!

All the best!

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