Peer Group Contribution

You can't ignore the role of friends in Civil Services Examination preparation. Be it information relating to exam or deciding when to appear in exam, may be to spot optional subject trends or suitable coaching institute, searching for relevant study-material or perspective about can say every where, each step some or other friend contributes in Civil Services Examination preparation.

Civil Services Examination: Take advantage of Peer Group to evaluate your performance

On Tuesday 5th July 2016  

When we create a list of the most useful technique for effective learning and improving memory ‘Group Study’ is an effective tool to prepare for Civil Services Examination.

Last Update Wednesday 4th April 2018

Making study-group is not difficult; look around for high calibre, talented candidates

On Tuesday 24th March 2015  

Having a group of good friends has always been a boon for candidates preparing for Civil Service Examination.

In uncertain times, when there is confusion around, if you are able to find a group of candidates seriously preparing for coming examination, it will stumble on resolutions, help you sticking to study-plan and will keep you motivated.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016

Stuck somewhere; openly discuss your problems with your friends

On Wednesday 20th July 2011  

While interviewing Shiv Sahay Awasthi (Rank 34, CSE 2010) I found how a group of friends help each other while preparing and extend helping hand.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016