IAS preparation books

Preparation for a gruelling exam like Civil Services examination requires meticulous planning and as a part of groundwork, the selection of relevant books and study-material is one of the most important decisions one makes.

While choosing books and study-material, candidates need to keep in mind the innovative and creative approach of UPSC.

As you need conceptual clarity as well as application, a mix of some basic books, standard text-books help you gain knowledge and insights about the topics covered in the syllabus and an effective use of newspapers and internet renders a great support in updating the information and being abreast with the contemporary developments.

We are giving suggested book-list for different papers at different stages of the examination that can be considered for an effective preparation.

Suggested Book-List for Preliminary and Main Examination

On Sunday 17th February 2019  

A list of some useful books for Preliminary Examination Paper I and II is given for your consideration.

For Main Examination, a list of some useful books for General Studies and some of the Optional Subjects are suggested that you may look at for IAS Exam preparation.

Last Update Sunday 17th February 2019