IAS Prep: When others can, why you cant?

Civil Services Examination is tough, but not impossible.

Everyone dreams to be ‘IAS’; but, how many ruminate and slog for it

On Sunday 19th March 2017  

Why did Tina Dabi (AIR 1) emerged as topper in Civil Services Examination 2015, even though she may not have the best skills and great experience as it was her first encounter with this examination.

More than talent and knowledge, it as her outlook and positive attitude that chalked out her success.

Last Update Sunday 19th March 2017

Preparation Strategies for Civil Services Examination that reflect the trends

On Saturday 9th July 2016  

Civil Services Examination preparation is difficult and candidates are keen to know what worked for the successful candidates in the recent examination.

I have been talking to some of the top rankers and successful candidates in Civil Services Examination 2015 and have gathered some useful information that can be of some help to you.

Last Update Saturday 3rd December 2016

While Preparing for IAS, Multi-tasking is going to be the name of game

On Thursday 9th April 2015  

For any candidate, decision to appear in Civil Service Examination is big as it involves long preparation-plan that requires capability, courage and commitment. A scientific approach, well thought-out planning, right strategy for complete preparation and a well laid out action-plan takes you step-by-step towards your goal.

Last Update Saturday 11th April 2015

Secret of Success in Civil Services Examination

On Tuesday 19th June 2012  It is a very tough examination. Very difficult to crack hence many candidates give it a pass even without trying. As far as process of exam is concerned, it evaluates overall knowledge and personality of the aspirants. Every year hundreds of common aspirants like you come and make career in ‘Civil Services’.
Last Update Tuesday 19th June 2012

CSE 2011 Result show improved performance from female candidates.

On Thursday 24th May 2012  The efforts of UPSC to encourage participation of female candidates in Civil Services Examination are bearing fruit and now, female candidates are garnering a big share in the pie.
Last Update Thursday 24th May 2012

CSE 2011 Result: a wider distribution across India among top 25

On Wednesday 23rd May 2012  The myth that candidates from particular states/cities are only able to make it to top has been broken. A glance at profile of top 25 reveals that this time there is a wider distribution many of them are the alumnus of the premier educational institutions.
Last Update Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Civil Services Examination: Success in first attempt

On Thursday 17th May 2012  The recent result of CSE 2011 reveals that there are as many as 6 candidates among top 25 who are recommended for selection in their first attempt.
Last Update Thursday 17th May 2012

Result CSE 2011: Pleasure for some, for others it may be a learning platform

On Saturday 5th May 2012  The result for CSE 2011 brings fortune for many. The candidates, who have performed well and lived up to UPSC’s expectations, have found a place in the merit-list.
Last Update Saturday 5th May 2012


On Saturday 24th December 2011  While optimistic and full of passion lakhs of fresh candidates come every year to try their fortune by appearing in CSE to make a career in Civil Services; only a small section of them understand the whole examination structure and its requirements.
Last Update Saturday 24th December 2011

Passion for perfection

On Sunday 7th August 2011  If Career in civil Services is a passion for you, consider the Civil Services Examination as a medium that can help you materialize your craze.
Last Update Sunday 7th August 2011

You are special, of course!

On Monday 18th April 2011  Not everyone is blessed to have all the facilities but, as people say those who dream to achieve big, accomplish big things even with limited resources.
Last Update Monday 18th April 2011