Optional Subject Selection

Optional Subject

Optional Subject Selection: pick ‘One’ optional subject that suits you the best?

On Sunday 4th August 2013  

As the new-format for Civil Services (Main) Examination comes in force with CSE 2013 examination, despite the fact that now, only ‘One’ optional subject is to be picked, candidates are facing a new problem in choosing only ‘One’ optional subject.

Last Update Monday 26th January 2015

Impact of a wrong choice of optional subject

On Wednesday 25th September 2013  Choice of optional subject has never been easy for CSE aspirants. It has become more difficult now, as in new format for Main Examination candidates need to pick only ‘one’ optional subject.
Last Update Monday 9th December 2013

Impact only ‘One’ optional can make in aspirant’s preparation strategy for CSE 2013

On Thursday 8th August 2013  For years, candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination were to make a decision that straightway impacted their end results and that is choosing optional subject. It was little tricky for some and for many smart candidates it was sort of strategic decision that help them accomplish the task in style.
Last Update Thursday 8th August 2013

Basis on which candidates can pick optional subject in new set-up

On Thursday 8th August 2013  Picking the right optional subject has been one of the most difficult decisions for all CSE aspirants. In emerging situation as candidates need to pick only ‘One’ optional subject, the task becomes more difficult as it is not easy to zero-in on any particular choice.
Last Update Thursday 8th August 2013

High scoring optional subjects for IAS 2013

On Sunday 14th April 2013  The pattern for Main Examination has changed that clearly indicate the curb on role of Optional Subject. In new environment, it is puzzle for many candidates as many subjects are being projected as ‘High Scoring’ that is attracting their attention.
Last Update Sunday 14th April 2013

Optional Subject: Don’t look for the best; explore what suits you the best!

On Wednesday 6th March 2013  Picking optional subjects has never been simple; now, it becomes more difficult as this alone cannot influence the outcome. In the new format for Main Examination, the strength of optional subjects has collapsed and blindly banking on the strategies that worked earlier to pick optional subject can be risky.
Last Update Wednesday 6th March 2013