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Evaluate your Preliminary Examination Preparedness with Mock-tests

On Sunday 17th February 2019  

Handling Preliminary Examination, an objective type tests is an art and a competition of this level requires preparation that matches the exam-standards.

Besides, it is prudent to learn some examination techniques to face it confidently.

You can try out some Mock-Tests to evaluate your preparedness and plug the loopholes if you spot any.

Last Update Friday 27th March 2020

Few points for tackling Preliminary Examination 2019 confidently

On Sunday 31st July 2016  

A large number of candidates are going to face Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019 that is scheduled to be staged on June 2, 2019.

We sincerely hope that all of you are indulged in serious preparation to face it confidently. Here are some tips that will be useful in while attempting question papers in examination hall.

Last Update Tuesday 15th January 2019

Will I succeed in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2018 ?

On Thursday 31st May 2018  

The D-day is near and as you approach the Prelims, sometimes it strikes the mind that “Am I ready to face it?”

It is stiff competition; but, you have prepared it well. Have faith in the groundwork you have done and trust your abilities.

If you aspire to be among toppers, your confidence increases if you cross the first hurdle – Prelims in your first encounter.

Go ahead and take Prelims with full confidence.

Last Update Thursday 31st May 2018

Preliminary Examination: Respond to the emerging needs with correct approach

On Wednesday 6th May 2015  

With the recent change in Prelims as well as Main Examination pattern, the examination conditions have changed. All old beliefs and subject-dominated behaviours are out of vogue. And this is damaging more to candidates who still prepare for Civil Services Examination with traditional approach.

Last Update Wednesday 6th May 2015

Aiming success in Civil Services Exam - Preliminary Examination is the first target

On Sunday 15th March 2015  

Now, the notification for Civil Services Examination comes in May and the first stage of the exam, Preliminary Examination is staged in the month of August. Crossing the first hurdle is a big challenge as the competition is getting stiffer and by keeping it simple and straight, the cut-off is rising each passing year.

Last Update Monday 23rd March 2015

Preliminary Examination 2013 – search for the cut-off continues?

On Thursday 30th May 2013  Search for cut-off continues as candidates are eager to know how much score is enough to crack the Preliminary Examination 2013. You should keep in mind that Civil Services Examination preparation is full of uncertainties and instead of wasting time on calculating expected scores and cut-off, continue your preparation that requires greater attention this time as the pattern for Main Examination has just been transformed.
Last Update Thursday 30th May 2013

Prelims 2013: time for action

On Saturday 8th December 2012  The first stage of the Civil Service Examination 2013– the Preliminary Examination is going to be staged on May 26, 2013 by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The notification for the same has been released on March 5, 2013.
Last Update Saturday 8th December 2012

Is removal of optional subject in Preliminary Examination good?

On Friday 22nd June 2012  Many candidates are still debating about the changes introduced at Preliminary Examination stage. Talking realistically, there is no point in looking back and as there is no alternative, you should focus on the present scheme of examination.
Last Update Friday 22nd June 2012

Preliminary Examination 2012: an obsession

On Friday 4th May 2012  For some serious candidates, this examination is worship and those who dedicate themselves fully, emerge successful in their first attempt itself.
Last Update Friday 4th May 2012

Preliminary Examination 2012: be ready to face Multiple Choice Questions

On Friday 4th May 2012  To provide you with the timely and relevant strategies, this deals with immediate requirements for a wide gamut of candidates who are appearing in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2012.
Last Update Friday 4th May 2012

Civil Services Examination: huge craze for the examination

On Thursday 26th January 2012  To plan the strategy for Civil Services Examination, candidates look for information and details regarding the examination. To help you plan better, we bring the latest facts relating to Civil Services Examination from the 61st Annual Report of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) which relates to the Civil Services examination details held during year 2010-11.
Last Update Thursday 26th January 2012

New Look Preliminary Examination: Have things become difficult

On Friday 30th December 2011  If you read the notification carefully, even the UPSC clearly mention that nature and standard of questions will be such which that “a well-educated person will be able to answer them without any specialized study.
Last Update Friday 30th December 2011


On Sunday 25th December 2011  For the beginners, some basic information relating to Preliminary Examination so that you can have a feel about the scheme of the examination.
Last Update Sunday 25th December 2011

Preparation approach for Civil Services (Preliminary) Exam 2012

On Tuesday 20th December 2011  Candidates should take lesson from Prelims 2011 result when a lot of candidates you were just concentrating on Preliminary Examination, cleared Prelims and got ticket to next level Main Examination which was not at all easy to handle with in short period after prelims result.
Last Update Tuesday 20th December 2011

How many correct answers needed while attempting Prelims?

On Sunday 11th December 2011  Many candidates look out for cut-off and number of correct answers required in Preliminary Examination.
Last Update Sunday 11th December 2011

New-Look Preliminary Examination: What toppers feel about the incoming pattern?

On Wednesday 8th June 2011  For last 23 years, I have been bringing a lot of insights and exploring the strategies that emerge from experiences of the successful candidates. This year again, I am out to meet CSE toppers and you can benefit from their experiences which they share. The following tips are part of my article which talks about the views and preparation plan of few IAS 2010 toppers who were indulged in serious preparation for next attempt before knowing about their result on May 11, 2011.
Last Update Wednesday 8th June 2011

The scene is turning optimistic out there!

On Wednesday 4th May 2011  Although, this year scene is little different and the changes introduced from CSE 2011 at Prelims level have made things unsure and a lot of reservations attached to the coming pattern has left many previous candidates worried.
Last Update Wednesday 4th May 2011

UPSC adopts a diverse approach

On Friday 7th January 2011  In a constant endeavour, UPSC had been looking for introducing changes, how so ever small these may be, to find candidates with original ideas, intellectual capabilities and openness to adopt new learning.
Last Update Friday 7th January 2011

Value the worth of information available

On Friday 7th January 2011  With limited information available about the changes, the scene is clear and now you need to do something to figure out your requirements relating to new pattern of Preliminary Examination.
Last Update Friday 7th January 2011

CSAT: straight path to career development

On Friday 7th January 2011  The change is welcome step as the Civil Services Examination particularly Preliminary Examination, now, falls in line with other one-day examinations and would certainly boost the morale of the young generation.
Last Update Friday 7th January 2011

Civil Services Examination: The basic premise has not changed

On Friday 7th January 2011  The changes in pattern and framework of the syllabus for Preliminary Examination have witnessed widespread reaction. However, Aptitude Tests are designed to determine whether a candidate’s ability and talent suits the post applied for i.e. Civil Services.
Last Update Friday 7th January 2011


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