Preparation Tips / Strategy


Preliminary Examination Paper II: Resource for preparing Mathematics and English

On Sunday 27th May 2012  The level of questions being asked is such that it should not be that difficult for candidates to search for relevant not some extra-ordinary study material.
Last Update Sunday 27th May 2012

Paper II: Test that will test your aptitude

On Thursday 5th May 2011  The format of question that may be asked in Paper II should include clearer, precise and well-defined questions with innovative touch as UPSC had been asking in Preliminary Examination in past years.
Last Update Thursday 5th May 2011

Aptitude Tests: What demands these changes throw?

On Friday 7th January 2011  The Aptitude Tests are designed in such a way which attempt to measure whether the candidate has the specific abilities and intellectual capabilities required for the job.
Last Update Friday 7th January 2011