Myths & Wrong Notions

Myths & Wrong Notions

IAS! Civil Services Examination!! No-no, not me!!!

On Saturday 3rd December 2016  

Civil Services Examination is a craze; still, many myths and wrong notions surround this examination sometimes forces many talented and deserving candidates to give it a pass.

However, this examination is both challenging and demanding; still, it is within reach of the candidates who demonstrate complete dedication towards it.

Last Update Friday 2nd March 2018

Some myths rather established beliefs do the damage

On Tuesday 12th June 2012  As such this examination is surrounded by a lot of myths and wrong notions and as a result, a lot of youngsters are afraid to even touch it. Still, those who show courage to prepare for Civil Services Examination confront some established beliefs which sometimes result is wrong decisions.
Last Update Tuesday 12th June 2012

Literature of Languages: again a fresh wave of craze

On Friday 25th May 2012  First it was Literature of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Pali etc. producing good results. Recently, in CSE 2011 result, it is Pali Language that has made this entire Literature of Languages look superior again.
Last Update Friday 25th May 2012

Myths and wrong notions: Dispel all these to come closer to Success

On Friday 15th January 2010  Some frequently asked questions which candidates ask relating to Civil Services Examination
Last Update Friday 15th January 2010