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Changes in Main Exam 2013

Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013

Optional Subject Selection for CS (Main) Exam: Points to consider

On Tuesday 13th August 2013  For Main Examination 2013, most of the candidates must have selected optional subject and would be moving ahead with preparation-plan. Still, there would be many candidates who still will be confused with this decision and would be searching for help.
Last Update Tuesday 14th October 2014

IAS 2013: How only one optional subject in Main Examination can affect your preparation?

On Monday 8th April 2013  We should appreciate that UPSC has again delivered something that matches today’s needs and the change that have come is just not eyewash. In the new format, the centre of gravity has shifted towards General Studies that has a larger role to play where as optional subject has a smaller but, a significant role to play.
Last Update Monday 9th December 2013

In new environment, which is the best optional subject?

On Thursday 7th March 2013  The new pattern for Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013 has only one optional subject now. This is going to spark a new debate as a lot of popular optional subjects would be promoted as the best choice in new environment.
Last Update Thursday 7th March 2013

Will it favour candidates from any particular subjects?

On Thursday 7th March 2013  The syllabus for new format for Main Examination has 4 papers of General Studies. Now, a lot of talks have started about syllabus overlap and its proximity to any particular optional subject/s.
Last Update Thursday 7th March 2013

Only one Optional Subject now!

On Thursday 7th March 2013  In new format for Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013, candidate needs to pick one optional subject for which there will be two papers for 250 marks each.
Last Update Thursday 7th March 2013


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