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Prelims 2013 result has some unexpected outcome for many

Atul Kapoor
28th November 2013 IST

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2013 result announced earlier this month had a major shock in store for a large gamut of otherwise deserving candidates probably because cut-off might have been very high this year.

The fact that the importance of Preliminary Examination should not be ignored has come on fore again as a lot of candidates expected to clear Prelims 2013 had to face a shock as many unexpectedly failed to clear the first stage of examination.

It is difficult to say what went wrong with these otherwise deserving candidates; but, one thing is sure – as anticipated, again Paper II would have proved to be instrumental in success at Preliminary Examination. It has been observed that score of about 140-150 is common in Paper II whereas candidates find it difficult to cross 100 marks in Paper I.

We had indicated about this in our earlier posts before Prelims 2013 also that this is an area that gives you opportunity to score and ensure success at first stage, Prelims.

What is the reason?
It is difficult to quantify or measure the impact but, a lot of candidates from engineering/medical background have been consistent in their performance and have taken the full advantage of new format for Preliminary examination introduced in 2011.

Besides, candidates preparing for Banking, SSC and even Management entrance have also entered the arena and have found it relatively easier to crack Preliminary examination as the Paper II has only 80 questions to be answered in 120 minutes with 2.5 marks attached to each question.

This is something concerning that every year many candidates who just focus on Preliminary Examination clear this stage and find it difficult to manage Main Examination related requirements within short span of time they get.

This is double edged; they plug the fortunes of other talented, deserving candidates who fail to crack Prelims and on other hand, they do not put up real competition at Main Examination level as is expected out of those who reach this level. This is evident from the drop in cut-off in Main Examination result in past two years.

Lessons learnt from Prelims 2013 result
Preliminary Examination is to be taken seriously; both the Papers I & II are important and efforts should be to look at opportunities to score more in each one of them.

Now, you should never aim for the cut-off; you have to make your preparation so effective that you are able to maintain a winning gap from others.


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