Be aware of the exam standards

Be aware of the exam standards

Civil Services Examination: Approach it with full conviction

On Saturday 28th March 2015  

Before you begin, it is absolutely essential to be acquainted with the fact that this is no ordinary examination and for an effective preparation you need to understand what the examiner’s expectations are?

Last Update Thursday 2nd April 2015

Are you eyeing top rank in first attempt that ensures post of ‘IAS’?

On Monday 8th April 2013  For all aspirants appearing for the first time in Civil Services Examination 2013 or planning to take a plunge in coming year/s there is a little spark ‘can I do it in first attempt’? There is noting wrong in it; you need to be optimistic and each year we come across number of such success-stories.
Last Update Monday 8th April 2013

Target IAS 2013 - Gain the competitive edge you need to succeed

On Monday 18th March 2013  ‘Mother of all Exams’ as it is called; Civil Services Examination is in league of its own. With gradual changes introduced in 2011 at Preliminary Examination level and now, in 2013 new format for Main Examination has forced the candidates to adopt a fresh approach for preparation.
Last Update Monday 18th March 2013

Civil Service Examination 2013: safe approach for preparation

On Monday 24th December 2012  A lot of fresh graduates are looking at Civil Service Examination 2013 with an aim to make career in ‘Civil Services’. Being optimistic is good but, all serious candidates particularly the fresher should understand the complete exam-plan and should not look specifically at Preliminary Examination only.
Last Update Monday 24th December 2012

Have an action-plan ready for you

On Friday 1st January 2010  Saying ‘yes’ to career in ‘Civil Services’ is very simple but it involves so many decisions as at every stage you need to make choices which ultimately reflect in your final result. You should give enough time to consider all important issues and should devote these the time they deserve.
Last Update Friday 1st January 2010